Triple the trebbles

Discussion in 'ALL OTHER FISH' started by Catmaster, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. Catmaster

    Catmaster New Member

    SE Kansas
    Does anyone know weather or not it is legal to use 3 trebble hooks on a snagging rig for Spoonbill in Kansas?
  2. GrainDrain

    GrainDrain New Member

    The only laws i know on snagging are that you cant use just a hook, So what my grandad taught me to do was tie a little red yarn on the hook, and therefor it is now a lure. The game warden we talked to agreed.

  3. eggman

    eggman New Member

    Jefferson City, Missouri
    don't know about three hooks but i think u can use two big ol trebles here in missouri, nothin but hook also.
  4. cook

    cook Active Member

    Plattsburg,Mo.(near K.C.)
    Catmaster,looks like the answer is no


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    Updated: 12/8/04
    Paddlefish Snagging

    A special paddlefish snagging season may be opened by posted notice between March 15 and May 15 on the Neosho River below the Chetopa dam, Marais des Cygnes River (34-inch length limit) below Osawatomie Dam, Walnut River below the Tunnel Mill Dam at Winfield, and the Browning Oxbow Lake of the Missouri River. Paddlefish may be snagged using pole and line with""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" """""""not more than two single or treble hooks of any size.""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" The daily creel limit for paddlefish is two, and the possession limit is six on or after the third day of the season. Each legal-sized paddlefish caught must be kept – on a tagged stringer – and must also be tagged at a designated check-in station. Anglers must stop snagging once the daily limit of legal-sized paddlefish is reached.

    Nonsport fish (carp, drum, grass carp, threadfin and gizzard shad, goldfish, gar, suckers including carpsucker and buffalo, eel, sturgeon, goldeye, and bowfin) may also be snagged in waters posted open to snagging. There are no limits on nonsport fish.

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    Hope this helps
  5. cook

    cook Active Member

    Plattsburg,Mo.(near K.C.)
    I think in MO-MO we can use up to 33 hooks on one line if you feel the need-a treble counts as one hook
  6. Tulcat

    Tulcat New Member

    And as I recall if you are snagging on the Neosho at Chetopa the hooks must also have the barbs removed or crimped.

    Someone will correct me if my memory is not serving me correctly.