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Tommy,if you can figure out how to get on here I arrived back home safely although a little tired.Thanks for coming up with Doug.It was a pleasure to meet him and he is a fine young man.Actually he is a good example of why parents should get their kids involved with fishing and hunting.You wont have to worry about what he is doing and with whom.I sure wish we could have gotton him a big flathead but that will be for a future trip.He impressed me with his willingness to stick it out during a slow night and often it is the better mark of a man in how he responds to adversity not success.This new BOC is to much for me,I cant even figure out how check my profile,or what to do about posting a picture.
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Jim, thanks for the kind words toward Doug. As talkative as he is, he clammed up right as we were leaving, but he thoroughly enjoyed the trip and meeting both you and Steve. He does understand that there are plenty of not-so-great trips to be made in order to have the really great ones. I always stress the importance of 'going' vs 'catching', and he has picked up on that.
I'm still trying to figure this new forum out, too, but I think it will be good once we do. Maybe this particular thread should have been a new on under SC Lakes... not sure. I put in the same profile info when I re-registered that I used originally. Seems that everyone is starting from '0' posts. I'm trying to figure out how to access the old forum postings and library, etc. Hopefully they will be able to bring it all over or provide some links to them. If they've done so already, I haven't been able to find it yet.
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Jim, what if you register again and use the same user name, password, and all other info that was on you originally used. That should allow you to have the same profile pic, and edit rights that you had all along -- I think.
Scratch that thought. I just realized I don't have my own profile pic. I guess we will have to do it all over through the "User CP" link above. The 'FAQ' link has a little info, but not all I'm looking for.
Yeah, I'm getting there. I went to avatar and uploaded the old profile pic and also updated personal info, so that's how it's done. ?Maybe I should try the obvious and contact Paul or someone, but then that would probably be too simple?
Tommy when you went to Avatar how did you upload your old profile picture?I cant get this thing to do anything and quite frankly I'm about to say to heck with it.The site is getting to complicated to use.I liked being able to instantly check new messages and see everything there in one place without having to jump all around and being able to scroll up to the original post while posting.I tried that and lost my post.I suspect that they will never get back to 12,000 members with this new edition.Its just to much trouble and I dont have time to figure it all out.
Jim, I had the old profile pic on my hard drive. I used the upload feature on avatar to locate the .jpg file on my drive and upload it to the forum. If you have the original pic on your computer, or another you'd like to use, you should be able to do so pretty easily. It basically works just like the old way, it's just called an 'avatar' instead of a profile pic. :rolleyes:
I'm sure some members will drop due to the new features, but I think it will be pretty easy to use after getting a feel for how things operate. There are some features that are lacking, but I think it will work out with time.
I'm not a computer expert, but Doug is pretty good and he can help me. I'll (ty to) send you a pm with my email and if we can help don't hesitate to ask.
Jim, check your email. There should be (2) messages from me. Hope they will help some.
OK, Jim, I see you have a pic (avatar) now, so that's good. My email may have been too late and unnecessary, after all.
I'm returning to the doctor for a checkup this morning, will check back here when I get home this afternoon.
Doug is having a problem getting back on the new site, but he says to thank you for the fishing trip on Sunday. He told me yesterday that he would really love to go again sometime with the same guide, which means he has confidence in Steve, despite a slow night.
We both enjoyed the weekend a lot and were glad to know your return trip went well. We were tired also, and didn't have to go nearly as far as you.
Tommy I received all your messages and seem to be able to navigate around here a little better.One thing about Steve he worked his butt off trying to get us on fish.Most really good guides give it even more effort on the bad days,which is why I also have great confidence in Steve.I know every time out we will get everything he has.He should learn to drift fish though because even with the winches setting up takes a lot of work particularly if you move alot.Tell Doug we will go again for sure.
jim are you going to north carolina gathering
Jim, I swear I'm gonna make a Santee trip with you guys someday. I've worked the past two weekends and that's getting old.

Hang in here with this new site, it gets easier each time. Sure it's a bit more work but worth it.

If a NC gathering comes about at lock #1, I hope to se you there. I work just up the river from there.
BobPaul,I'll try and make the NC gathering but have a busy schedule for the next month or so.I would love for you to come on a guide trip with us at Santee maybe when the weather cools a bit and the boating season slows down some.It would be the least we could do for all the help you have given folks with their boats.
Hey all whats up. I just got on here myself I'll have it all figured out in about a week!
Steve, it takes a little while to adjust to the new site, but once done, I think navigation is easier and faster. I miss some of the things on the old site, but I think most if not all will be moved over eventually.
Jim, could you share the style # of the kahle hooks that you like. Where do you order the nickel plated? I would like to order some of them. I believe you mentioned once that you mostly used 7/0, and that's what I had in mind. I have some, but not the nickel.
Are you still planning to fish the tournament at Randolph's later in Sept? How about the KingKat at Rocks Pond Sept 9 & 10? I don't think I heard you mention that one for sure. I think you son was to be home in time to fish with you at Randolph's. Hope y'all have lots of luck. If I can make it, I would like to go up for the weigh-in, don't know yet, though.
Anyone got any tips for someone going to santee for the first time? :0a23:
Tommy I use Lazer Sharp 6/0 Eagle Claw Kahles.I had to order them directly from the factory because you just can't find Nickel finish in stores although Randolphs has them some times.The nickel doesn't rust like the bronze finish.I will be fishing the Randolphs Tourney but not the King Kat because I didn't fish the qualifier.I am going to hate myself becasue this is the classic and who knows when they will come back to Santee.There will be a qualifier in the spring I'm sure and I AM going to fish it this coming year.I'm going down to Myrtle Beach this Sun/Mon and intend to hit Bass Pro and get some more weights etc.Hope you and your spouse are doing well and feeling good.Say Hi to Doug for me.
Jim, Catfish Connection has Eagle Claw Kahle #L142 nickel finish. Is this the same hook?
I didn't think you were fishing the KingKat, but wasn't certain. I started to go over to BassPro today, but got sidetracked at Home Depot before I got there, and ran out of time.
We are all doing well, thanks, and hope you are too.
L142 is the hook.Glad to find another source.I am concentrating on getting things ready for the tournament and my sons return.Bought a new net from Frabill and I swear I could net the boat in it.I'm not sure it wont be in the way.Cleaning all the reels and rods ,re doing all the leaders etc etc.Keeps me busy and off the streets.I like to go into the tourney with nice clean equipment and rigs so I don't have to worry about whether that leader was frayed or the reel froze up.I thouroughly inspect and functon test every thing before I go that way no surprises.Glad to hear you are both doing well.
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