Trip to Murphysboro Big Muddy And Mississippi

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    Well here goes another fishing story...
    It was a wonderful weekend of peace and excitment...We had the pleasure of meeting Earl and his wife BETHANN at the local Rend lake Gathering...

    We set up a river trip on the Mississippi/Big Muddy was not a great time of the year to fish and by far one of the best fish biting years but some how, Tonto and Tkeyhunter pulled it off for my wife and daughter...

    Let see, first morning out we hit the river and with in the first hour Sally(Cats-r-Us) had her personal best in the boat...a 14lb Blue Cat...She fought the fight of her life with the little rascal...the current was strong as was the fish...all we could hear was her screams of excitement awwww look at it she screams...over and over as it got closer to the boat...She was beside herself...What a morning...all I can say is I have never seen that big of a smile on her face and the screams of excitement was worth the entire trip for me...

    We packed it in an hour or so after that as the weather was getting bad and we needed some rest...We went back to our home away from home for the weekend with a full belly and a nap we decided to go back out again for another trip...

    This time my daughter had the highlight of the evening with her catch of a nice 5lb Channel...she was pretty happy...
    We spent the rest of the evening on the boat with good company and great was a semi-full moon and a wonderful evening ride on the Mississippi...

    Thanks so very much for the wonderful time and great fishing experiance...
    here are a few photo's of the highlights of our trip...

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    Thanks for the report and pics. Looks like you had a great time. Congrats to Sally on her PB - that's a nice blue! Now that football season has started, I'm really busy, but I hope to sneak in some trips to Baldwin once it cools off. Take care, brother.

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    Congrat's to Mis Sal! Nice Fish, also to Brooke, next time she will get the bigun!
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    Congrats to Sally on her new PB. Congrats to Brooke also. It's about time Paul that you quit grabbing the rods first. If they keep this up I can forsee you setting at home in the rocking chair , sharping the filet knife, and the girls bringing home the fish. Nice looking fish. Thanks for sharing.:smile2: