Trip to Lake Marion

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    WEll guys i gave it another try. went friday night and fished till about four o'clock. did manage to catch one nice blue. fished in front of the spillway at harry's. not very many people caught fish that night. i guess i should have tried cut bait instead of hole bream and herring. one day i might just figure out what i'm doing. planning to stay at rocks pond this weekend and do some fishing. also do a little trotlining. any ideas on where to fish in that area? I'd like to thank everyone that have answered my posts and were very nice and helpful. this site is awsome and ya'll should be proud of it!

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    Go straight out in front of Rock's...go across the channel markers...the river makes a turn in that area...DRIFT, DRIFT, DRIFT...drift in and out of the channel. I would try cut shad if you can find or catch some with a cast net. This has worked the past two weeks.

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    Gary, that area in front of the dam can be pretty good at times, but most of the fish right now are scattered around the lake. Find areas similar to what Kelley suggested, and I think you will find fish. The fish will generally hold along drops during the day and then move onto shallow areas in low-light conditions. You don't need to be in really deep water, just near it. There are lots of places you can find these conditions. There is also a shallow flat just south of the dam and guard shack that drops off into deep water on the north and west edges. This can be a good place at times. Watch to see what other boats are doing, too. If you have a contour chart, you can often pick out some good prospects and save time when you get on the water. Good luck, buddy, and don't ever give up....
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    Fished the dam Saturday night........used live bream, night started out very slow but picked up after midnight. Caught 2 blues with one coming in at 34 lbs and two smaller flatheads. Moved into the canal around 2am and never got a hit but there sure were a lot of boats in the canal. Watched one guide put several nice fish in the boat fishing anchored adjacent to flat just off marker 40 where river channel comes up right at dusk.