Trinity River/Lake Livingston Dam, An Ode To

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    I woke up this morning, as I do every morning, thinking about fishing. I couldn't go this morning, though, got "family stuff" to do. Anyway, instead of not enjoying anything that I might end up doing today, because I'D RATHER BE FISHING, I decided to give "talking about fishing" a try. Maybe, just maybe, it'll make my day go a little bit more smoothly to, you know, get it outta my system. Here goes:

    Does anyone fish the Trinity River below the Lake Livingston dam? I fish there very often, several times a week, sometimes. Right now, white bass & stripers are schooling & everybody that can get there has been loading up & having lots of fun.
    The cats are there, too , though I've seen mostly small 9-14 inch blues & channels caught lately (about 2 weeks ago when the water was double digit yards higher up the bank, a guy caught a 30lb+ flatty in a castnet. Beautiful fish, wish he woulda let it go, though, because it never had a chance to fight for its life with a 50% chance of winning).
    Its just sooo much fun when the whites & stripes r' schoolin'. I usually fish for cats (and have better success with bigger fish) in the cooler months, from around the end of September on thru about March. Then its its crappie time.

    The area that I usually fish is pretty small, about a 20-30 yard stretch between the old boat ramp & the restricting cable (I fish from the bank, can't yet afford one of them fancy water mo-beels). The fishing really depends on how high the water is. Right now, all 12 gates are open but the water is going down pretty fast. Soon, the old boat ramp will be exposed again & I can't wait because this also means access to "the hole" right in front of the boat ramp. I've caught some huge crappie outta this "hole". You have to know exactly where it is to be successful & one of the "old-schoolers" showed me awhile back & it has not failed me yet. In the spring, the crappie fishing is amazing & they can be caught in abundance up & down the river-and I'm talking genuine "slabs", 2+ lbs, black & white crappie.
    In the cooler months when the whites aren't schooling as often & the shad aren't overunning the place offering too much for the bigger fish to eat, the catfishing can be outstanding. Its easy to catch a limit (only 10 between the gates & the Sheperd bridge, 25 after the bridge) of good eating sized cats, 15-24 inches with minimal effort, well, you have to have enough pole & line to get your bait out into the moving water.
    I've been out here a year now- my family is from the area & I fished here often growing up, and now I live here with the wife & kids, taking care of "the old man", my 72 year old "pops". By far this is my favorite place to fish. As I'm writing this, I'm also tending to my wounded hands, scarred from so many intense " 1 on 1's " with so many energetic fish that really didn't want to meet me. And the fact that I lost my fishing gloves probably has something to do with it.
    I think that I might freak some people out, because I release about 90% of the fish that I catch, only keeping what I know will be eaten as soon as I get home and/or for my dad, who would be content eating nothing but fish, period.
    Anyway, I think I'm feeling a bit better now. Gotta go do the "family thing". Good luck to all those that are/were able to get out today, hope you really enjoy yourself, really. Me, I'll be out there 1st thing in the morning, with no gloves on, ready for battle.
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    woah sounds like a great place to fish, i gonna try and head that way, the look of your report sounds pretty good

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    i just got a place up on the lake. we are retired and plan to stay on lake livingston about 90 days a year. send me a pm with a way to get in touch with you and maybe we can do some fishing. we are up in the white rock creek area. last month i caught a lot of blues when the water was up and nasty. i went to a tournament on the coast at the end of july and have not been back since the water is back close to normal.