Trinity River Dam (Livingston)

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    Good evening,
    Report: Just got back from the Dam, caught a few cats, white bass, drum and hooked up with many large gar. Water release was between 10k-15k
    I was really hoping to catching more catfish but the gar really made this difficult. By the end of the trip i switched over to small bait and tackle to try and avoid the gar bite. They took allot of my big tackle. The picture iam posting shows a guy who wanted to eat the gar i was catching so he waded over and grabbed it.
    The trip ended when the siren from the dam went off. This made me think they were releasing more water, so made the choice to leave. This however was not the case, in the hour it took me to navigate back to the ramp in the dark and get my boat unloaded the water had not changed.
    On the bright side i was able to try out the new alumacraft 1232, i am very please with it.
    So theres a brief report of the fishing under the Dam in Livingston.

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    Sound like a good trip Gabe. Those sirens will get your attention. You should probably get the number for the operators and ask them what their signals are for so you will know not time. It could have been the catfish dinner bell.

    tight lines
    Glad you were comfortable in your boat.
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