Trim Tabs On My Lil' Gheenoe

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    I bought this boat in 2004, the year I retired because I knew I would be out on the water alone a lot and this boat is known for it's stability in a small size; 13 ft long, 43" wide, 110 lbs. Designed by a NASA engineer, you can literally stand up and walk around in it. Duck hunters love them. Though rated by the CG at 5 hp, these boats are routinely equipped with 10 and 15 hp outboards down south, which is what I've done (15 hp Yami; no laws broken here in KY) and I love it. It runs and maneuvers like a jet ski; getting about 23-24 mph with two people and fishing tackle. Problem was the porpiosing when running solo, soooo, down south where these lil' boats are made and popular for fishing and running the shallows there's trim tabs available just for correcting this porpiosing issue in overpowered Gheenoes like mine. I installed them Saturday but haven't docked at the river yet, so I haven't put them to the test, but will soon. Just had the urge to share this with you 'guuuys' with your 200+ hp 1500 lb boats. There is life beneath you. lol

    (and believe it or not, i actually did power wash this boat last fall when I brought it from the river; I guess I need to use some suds next time.)

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