Trim motor broke! help!!!

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    I'm fairly new to boating and after having mine for a year my trim motor quit on me, my motor is a mariner 150, the trim motor is square has three wires and about a half inch slotted (lets call it) a key that moves the pump. My pump looks like an oil filter and motor oil is used as the hydrolic fluid. there is no numbers, names or any id on either except for oil recommendation. I have looked for hours on the net but am having a hard time finding anything close to what I need. So what I need is a smart feller out there that knows what I need to replace it. Do you think I can have it rewound? I know there is prob. a few details I need to list but I dont know know what they are, just let me know. thanks for any help you can give me
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    Have you hooked up power direct to those wires to be sure it's the motor. Black wire ground, green or blue wire to get it to turn.

    Next get the serial number off the engine to determine the year model, then hunt up what you need for that year.

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    once you are sure of the model and year of your motor and make sure its the trim motor as there are usually a couple of relays and a switch to run them you can look up the parts you need here and then do a search by the part number and should be able to find what you need. also i don't recommend using crowley marine they just have a good parts catolog