Trilene XT vs. Big Game ?

Discussion in 'Fishing Line Review' started by kyron4, Jul 2, 2006.

  1. kyron4

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    Is there much difference between the 20lbs. Berkley Trilene XT (extra tough) and Berkley Big Game ? Right now I have 20# Big Game on my reels and it works well , but the high memory reduces some casting distance from a spincast reel, and causes coils if the line gets slack. Is the XT any better casting, less memory, and tough enough ? If I do go to XT I'll use the Big Game as my leader line. Any comments ? -Thanks
  2. rcneman

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    i use Trilene XL almost exclusively. I have tried the Big Game in similar lb sizes and i didn't care for it's seemed much more "brittle". Had it break off a lot..sometimes at the knot.

    i don't use anything over 14lb test, so maybe there's more off a difference with the larger size line...don't really know.

    As far as memory, i think the XL is has fairly low memory. When i first put it on my spinnin reels, it used to have a tendency to "jump off" the reel...but i read a post somewhere about wettin your line as you re-spool and that has greatly reduced the "jump off" problem. I have one baitcaster that i use the 14lb test on it does great...but i don't use it as often as my spinnin reels.

    not sure if this helped or not..:smile2:


  3. curdog

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    Sheridan, Arkansas
    I use trilene XT all the time and have no problems with it. If you will trip the bell with your hand instead of using the handle you want get near as many twists in your line.
  4. catfishsteve

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    The Trilene XT is a good line, I use it, but not on my cat setups. I like Big Game line in 25 and 40 lb. It's very tough, knots real well and in that solar green color, you can almost still see it at night.