Tried out my new Shakespere SKP 200 C

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by barboot1, Oct 4, 2008.

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    Went out for about 4 hours lastnight to try out this new reel I got off ebay for $25 which I guess was an ok deal. They go for about $39 at wally world, I put it on a 6'6 shakespere tiger rod I had from an old combo I had years ago. I like this rod very heavy duty. I used a carolina rig with a 2 0z egg sinker and a 2/0 eagle claw bait holder hook and a night crawler for bait. I had no problems casting actually it casted very well. I have it spooled with 30# berkley big cat. This reel holds a good bit of line as well. I caught 3 fish total on it all channel cats the biggest one being around 6lbs. So no real monster fish test but I had no problems reeling. I took along one of my abu garcia 6500 c3 set ups for camparison. I have my abu on a 7ft ugly stik and spooled with #30 berkley big cat. I was using a carolina rig as well with the 2oz no roll and a 5/0 circle hook and cut bluegill for bait. I caught 1 big channel and one samller flathead on this set up. Channel cat was just under 14lbs and the flattie was right over 12lbs. I would say these reels are a decnt channel cat set up for the $ but I dont know if they would hold up as well as the abu's do against a larger catfish. But I will use it:roll_eyes:
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    Play the fish. Use the drag and you should have no problems. I'm not saying this reel will winch in a 50 pound cat,but not many folks do that daily. It should be a good reel so long as it's taken care of properly. Good luck with it.

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    dont like mine..check P.M
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    i have 2 that i got for 20$ each used, they are ok reels, ive had to take one back twice for repairs, the drags are very suspect, and the clickers are quiet but for 20$ its hard to get alot of reel. i use mine still but hope that if i get a bigun its on my abu or penns. i thought about upgrading the drag washers but i dont think the quality of the reel justifies it, jmo