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Discussion in 'Terminal Tackle Review' started by countrycat15, Oct 17, 2006.

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    i took a trip to santee cooper the otherday and done pretty good.i saw some circle hooks in the tackle store so i decided to try em out,and i love these hooks i cought 3 cats and all were hooked in the corner on the mouth.these hooks will forever have a place in my tackle box.but i am haveing trouble finding any over 5/0 size.any suggestion wher i might be able to find some bigger ones?

    btw-i will posts some pics today of what i cought at santee.
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    Andrews, SC
    I agree with you, kenny. Most folks either hate 'em of love 'em. If they are used correctly, they work great. I even use some size 4 & 6's for catching bait, as well as small inshore saltwater fish like whiting and spots. For spottails they work great, too. Almost never have one swallow the hook.
    Kahles also work good, and they can be fished just like circles, or you can set the hook with them, as with a 'j' hook. For cut bait, I usually stick with the circles, and use the kahles when drifting live or whole dead bait.