Trian wreck

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    I know this has nothing to do with fishing but inetresting anyway. I live by a railroad crossing. Around three am this morning a train was really on his horn didn't pay to much attention to it. Got up at 3:15 to go to work left and just down the hill there was an ambulance and a county sherrif. Went on to work and call the wife to tell her. The train had hit a truck and took it about 3/4 to 1 mile down the track. As the story goes at this point a house had got broken into earlier in the night they stole the truck and left it on the track. Just thankful that no one was in it. Glad the truck stayed with the train. If it had come off on the street side it would had hit the front of my house. They had to get the truck off the front of the train. My wife said that when they backed the train up to where they could get to it the truck was still attached to the train.

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    Crazy story...glad that you and your family stayed safe

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    im always gone when the exciting stuff happens.when i seen you wrote it i thought it was gonna say one that would be bad especially on the closest track