Trespasser's treestands

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by calogan, Nov 29, 2009.

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    I replied to another post (Shooters %$#@*) about this and wondering what others would do. I have permission to hunt on another persons property, and had someone who didn't have permission come onto the property and mess up my hunt. Well later on I found 2 treestands left by this person from previous trespassing hunts, and told the landowner about it, and he said "take em' home, their yours now". I couldn't bring myself to do it, even though he is breaking the law and shouldn't (and he knows he shouldn't) be there, it still feels like stealing to me. What is everyones opinion on this? Leave them, or get two more treestands to add to my own (one is a really nice climber that I could use)?
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    Take them to the land owner. If the poacher has enough nerve to face him, maybe he can get them back. If not, they're yours!


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    Assuming that this fellow knew he did not belong there,,,,

    Call it a fine, rent if you prefer, for being where he should not have been.
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    I agree they are the land owners if he gives them to you so be it. trespasser/poacher pay the price!
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    I'd pretty much do as the rest have said,We dont use tree stands here ,So If ya catch somebody tresspassing they're either walking or driving,Kinda hard to explain why your there.:wink:
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    Hey ( insert strong words) ya trespassen. See the County Sheriff to get ya stands back.

    Ps The friendly Land Owner and the Folks who have permission to hunt.

    If he dont claim em they yours lol.

    Good chance he wont trespass again. Some just dont get it till it costs em $$.
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    In my opinion Flathead Willie has one of the best answers. Take them to the landowner and when the trespasser does not come to get them he can give them to you as abandon merchandise. You have a right to be there the other fella does not, it is very unlikely that he has the nerve to confront the landowner. OR the landowner could do like I did the first time someone hung a treestand on my farm without permission. I took my chainsaw to the tree, cut the tree down. Then I cut a small white oak about the size of a baseball bat, trimmed it down to working size and placed the stand on the tree stump. YOU guessed it, I began to "fold" the stand up. I mashed it flat then folded it over and flattened it again. I left it on the stump with my business card telling him to call me. It has been over 15 years and I have never found another stand on my property. I would suggest a call to the prosecutor of your county and ask him if the landowner can give you the stands. If so take them and be happy you are an ethical hunter and had permission to hunt there.
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    do just as flathead willie,an earl need to feel like your stealing,he did'nt worry about trespassing.
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    no need to get permission to keep them... if they are on property that they dont have permission to be on then they lost them.... i used to have a large piece of ground leased and posted very very well... i had one guy that would hunt next to the no tresspassing signs because he said he hunted there for 25years before i leased it..... welll opening day of gun season a few years ago i caught him hunting about 20 yard from my stand when i got there and he refused to leave so i walked back to the truck to get my cell phone and found his 4wheeler on the way.. i decided i was going to lock it up so couldnt leave till the consevation officer got there so i chained and padlocked it to a big ol maple and then called the co.. when he got there the guy was a real ass to the officer so the co told him that i was taking possesion of the 4wheeler because he abandoned it on my property!!! :crazy: he told the guy if he wanted it back to call him the next friday and he would make arangements with me to see about getting it back.. sure enough the next friday the co called me and said he was pretty sure the guy learned his lesson and asked if i would give it back so the co and the tresspasser met me at my pasture and i gave it back.. the co chewed his but for about 30min and then the guy apologized to me and gave me $20 for my time and gas driving up there to unlock it.. never had many problems after that !! i think the word got around....:smile2:
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    If the poachers...I mean tresspassers left them there, I would say that they have been abandoned. They have no right to come back to pick em up. If the land owner said to take them, maybe you should. He is the one that owns the land and those stands actually belong to him. Get the stands and put them up in your personal locations. Enjoy. Thanks for being a good sportsman :cool2:
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    Curt its not stealing my friend. he shouldn't have been there but decided to break the law and hunt anyway. the land owner doesn't want them and is offering them to you. take them and if you can't use them sell them or give them to someone that wants/needs them. give them to a kid and make someones day. that trespasser forfeited his stuff the second he put himself on property he wasn't supposed to be on. he broke the law willingly and now should face the cosequences for it by losing his stands. realy they aren't his anymore any ways they are the landowners to do with what he wants. if thats giving them to you so be it.
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    take them its a fine for trespasing the way i see it may break him from sucking eggs you are not steeling the land owner said for you to take them and by law they are his
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    When the trespasser attached his stands to the trees, they became "real" property of the landowner. If the landowner told you to take them down and keep them, they're yours. Been there and done that years ago. Got a decent Alumi-lock AP100 from a deal like that. Don't use it anymore cause it's a dink compared to the stands I use now. But even if you're not going to use them, take them down so the trespasser(s) gets the hint!
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    If you don't feel like removing the stands because you feel like your stealing them, I would suggest you take them down and hand them to the land owner or take them home with you for a short time. I would put a business card or a note in a zip lock bag and attach it to the tree you found the stands attached to. On the note, I would have the guy call the landower or your self if he wants the stands back. If the tresspaser doesn't call, then you have a few new stands. If he does call then you can tell him again not to tresspass again and the next time the stands will not be returned.

    Hopefully this guy will see your trying to be fair and will not take action against you by destroying any of your stands or the property you hunt on when your not there.

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    id use a bee farm
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    Reminds me of a story a few years back.. My brother-in-laws grandad owns a small peice of land about 4 miles from his house. Only 2 people have permission to be on the land, myself, and the preacher of the owners church.. I had met the preacher on several occurances over the years, and we pretty much had an agreement when each other would be there. The preacher was an older guy, Id say mid 60's, and always hunted from a blind. he left his blind in the storage barn when not used, and occasionally in the woods, but ALWAYS had a tag on it with his name adress and phone number. A few years back, I saw a tree stand attached to the lower part of a tree in the back corner of the woods. after 2 quick phone calls, i learned it didnt belong to the preacher OR the land owner, and both instructed me to remove it. so i did. about 2 weeks later, in the same area of the woods, i came across another stand. Same thing, two phone calls and it was mine.. So thats nice, i got a nice 6pt buck, and 2 decent stands that season. Well the next year rolls around, and about 3 days before hunting season started, i decided to go out for a last minute scouting trip. You will not believe what i found! yup thats right, a BRAND NEW self climber attached to a tree. Well this time the Tresspasser got SMART! He chained it to the tree, and pad locked it! OH no, what will i ever do?? HaHa, made a call to the land owner, and within ten minutes he arrived with his chainsaw. We cut the tree down, i took the stand, still use it to the day. He did however come back and place a note that was laminated. Said something along the lines of you got lucky that you just lost your stands, let me catch you on my property, and youll probably lose a lot more next time.. I did see some 4 wheeler tracks in the snow coming across a field, straight to the spot, then away again, about 3 days later. Havent seen any since

    Thank you Tresspasser!! that sure was some good christmas presents for myself, and 1 of my hunting buddies:cool2:
  17. Fl.catman

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    TAKE THEM!!! We had a few put stands up on our land like that and I gave them to the hunt club that we got out here this season to control the deer. Not only that but I also told them if the guy's return hold them and call the law and have them locked up for T.P.
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    I agree 200%, Take them to the land owner and if he says take them then they are yours. I MIGHT even put a Thank You note to the trespasser on the tree.:wink:
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    A thought just hit me as I was reading some of the replies here.. Remember in the old days before electronic ignition when you could charge a condenser with a plug wire and leave it for someone to pick up ? Or wire your car rim so a dog learned not to pee there ?

    Another thing.. I used to play an online game quite a bit and some friends played also. Everquest was the name and we got the bright idea that a Ventrilo voice account was for us..We all bought head sets and set up and we could voice chat while we played and it was a hoot till the hackers found out room..

    Vent was slow to do anything about them and talking to them was a waste of time. So... Being the sweet guy I am, I started putting my mic in a speaker and playing bluegrass bands such as Bill Monroe. Loud enough that they could not hear themselves think much less talk. Turns out they were not fans..( Too bad..

    But anyhow.. THere is a company that makes a speaker for the pool that looks just like a rock ! With a little work a person could cover up any wires and hide out of site just watching the fun ! Wait till they are hunting good and then "Play that funky music whiteboy ! " Till they get down then you turn it off.. heheheh Rinse and repete once they try and hunt again ! Might be more fun than hunting ......hehehehe
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    I would take them without hesitation. It would serve them right to lose their equipment. At my father-in-law's farm, someone put up a ground blind in his fence row. He said no one ever asked his permission and he didn't know who it belonged to, so we took it down and put it in the barn hoping someone would come looking for it. The following season we started using it at another farm we hunt. Trepassers make hunting unsafe for people that have permission and access.