Treestands; how long do I have to wait?

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by stinkbaitman, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. stinkbaitman

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    south dakota
    if i shot a deer in a treestand on october 16 how long should i wait before i hunt that stand again? in case it matters there was anothere deer with it when i shot it.
  2. Stainless

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    Ft Smith, AR
    Did you gut the deer right there? That might make the deer stay clear of there for a little while if you did. Pretty soon the rut will start and the deer will be everywhere so if it's a good spot for the does, I would hunt it then.

  3. flathead willie

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    If you didn't leave a lot of scent around or if it has been raining, it should be good to go in a day or two. I gutted a deer 10 yards behind my stand one evening. The next morning two dogs were eating the pile when another buck walked past the front of the stand. I shot him less than 30 yards from the dogs.
  4. Coyote1

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    :big_smile:Dear Brother Cody;
    I have the same questions as the one's that posted before me to give you a better answer but "normally" I give it a couple to three days.
    In other cases, again which some have already posted before me, someone mentioned the Rutting Season when Bucks go crazy and do STOOPID things, you might be O.K. later that day, the next day, or the next couple of days. It's really up to the Particular Buck or Doe involved!
    I've been known to give it up for 7 to 10 days, but those were Very EXTENUATING Circumstances that I have only experienced one time!! Thankfully!!!
    If you didn't leave a gut pile around close, and you did not leave a lot of your own sent around then 2-3 days ought to be enough. But remember, where I hunt there are plenty of bullet catching trees around unlike some of the places out west! I believe this too can make a difference one way or another!
    Remember, all of the above is just my own personal opinion in an answer to your question. You will have many others that will post that may, or may not, agree with me on this but the real answer to your question is "How Serious Are YOU and What Works BEST For Y-O-U!
    I don't know if this post helps you or not, but I tried.
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  5. bootshowl

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    Indiana, J
    Billie mentioned dogs, but I go with yotes. If the population is good then 2 days is fine, cause it's gone....I've seen deer hit by traffic down, alive, and the yotes eating them....alive. That's sad to see. Mercy shot. I drove 30 miles one night to shoot one for my uncle. His rifle was broken. (firing pin).
  6. Kutter

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    Arnold, MO
    My hunting partner shot a nice 8 pointer out of his stand, that evening, he shot a doe there. The next morning, I hunted out of that same stand, shot a nice 8 pointer and later that morning, a nice doe.
    Go figure!

    By the way, all four gutpiles were within 30 ft of each other.
  7. jeffw51

    jeffw51 New Member

    there is no real solid answer here ,while i always wait a few days or even a week,if the area is hot its possible to shoot deer back to back out of the same stand.

    BLKCLOUD Member

    Pulaski Tn
    I would hunt it the next time I got a chance..there are always new deer moving into the area that don't have a clue as to what happened 10 minutes before they got there..they are used to th smell of blood and guts and I don't think it bothers them, as many road kills year round as it is they still cross where a dead one is lying..
  9. Mark J

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    Four Oaks, NC
    Considering its not a major feat here to kill 2 deer at one time (2 shots) and shoot another one or two the next day from the same stand I'd say immediately after you killed the first one it would be huntable.

    Its a goat. Nothing more, nothing less.
    No scientists among them.
  10. bluejay

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    Napoleon, Mo.
    I'd have to go with the others. Some times if one stand is producig better than others we trade so everyone gets a chance. Multiply deer killed out of one stand more than once.
  11. cat tamer

    cat tamer New Member

    I have a stand that is used by several friends and during gun season it produces a chance for a deer everyday even within a few hours of a kill.
  12. Katmandeux

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    Checotah, Oklahoma
    Several years back, I killed a doe out of a group of 6 or 8. I walked a quarter of a mile, got my 4 wheeler, rode it back to the doe, and gutted her.

    When I was finished, I stood up, and immediately heard a deer blow. I was astonished to see the whole bunch standing about 100 yards back in the timber, watching me.

    The next morning, I killed a buck from the same stand.

    Still, as we all know, there are deer, and there are deer. The big boys won't put up with this nonsense for a second.
  13. jlingle

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    Altus, Okl
    Bingo, you're right about that. There's plenty of ignorant deer out there. My hunting buddy shot a buck on a wheat field one evening. He walked back to get the truck & I drug it across to the other side of the field. There were about 6 does out there that just stood & stared at me within 100 yards the whole time. They were still there after we gutted the buck and drove away.

    Last year, I shot a 12 pointer who was tending a doe. His doe went into a wheat field & he stood at the edge, watching her. I shot him & he dropped in his tracks. My 5 year old son was with me, we walked around the edge of the field, found the buck & started dragging it to the pasture road. The doe stayed out in the field watching us the whole time. She was about 70 yards away. My son wanted me to whack her too, but I decided one deer was enough to clean that night. I was tired.
  14. psychomekanik

    psychomekanik New Member

    usually when i shoot a deer, i sit back down and keep hunting. i've shot several deer in one day from a stand. i drag them off a ways before i gut them. to keep coyotes away from my spot. sometimes coming back the next day.
  15. SkipEye

    SkipEye Well-Known Member

    Winfield, MO
    No wait required in my opinion. I have shot deer and stayed in the stand and filled another tag fifteen minutes later. I also have gutted a deer, then killed a deer again the next day within yards of the gut pile. If you have another stand to hunt I'd give it a rest, if not just hunt it.
  16. jpn

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    North Carolina
    we usually give our stands a week between hunts but sometimes less if you have a hot doe and shoot a nice buck off of her by all means get back in that stand as soon as you clean up and get the next big buck when he sniffs her out. just becuase you shoot a deer at a stand as the rest of the post say don't mean that the other deer leave the area.
  17. Ketch

    Ketch New Member

    We don't have a week to let a stand sit where I hunt. We have one week, that's it, and that's only because we pick the late season. We have shot deer, while gutting a deer next to a stand and shot anothe one the next day. I say if its a good stand, hunt it.
  18. Arkansascatman777

    Arkansascatman777 New Member

    I agree with everyone else, no wait required.