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    Just wondering if anyone has any good treestand experiences to share, I about had a racoon come up my tree while I was hunting and it scared the living crap out of me...I do believe I would have won in a fair fight but still gave me the willies!!:eek:oooh:

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    Here's one for you. Last fall I was bowhunting Bear in Thompson, Manitoba. This was the 2nd. year for me on the pursuit of tagging a bear. I was successful on the first year and was to score on one last fall too. Anyhow I was hunting on stand with the area occupied by a blond sow bear and her 3 blond cubs. Outstanding!! I watched them for over 7 hours. The best entertainment nature has to offer. Watching the cubs go into the bait barrels and scrap out the food onto their mom watching them, was a gas!! She would growl at them and slap them, then the cubs would let out a whine like a dog. LOL! About an hour before sunset, the sow got a little closer look at me. She proceeded to climb the tree I was in. She got within aprrox. 2 feet from me!!!:embarassed: I shifted my body ever so slightly and she climbed back down and went back to her cubs. You talk about a chill down my spine. I was very nervous, but kept my composure. When the guide and his help came and picked me up that night, the sow had followed us back to the boat.LOL! She stayed around 20 to 30 yds. behind us the whole time we walked back to the boat. Then she turned around and went back to the cubs that were in the trees for safety. Makes for a story I will remember for a lifetime!!:wink:

    True Story!
    Bears are awesome creatures!

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    In our area there was a group of six deer hunters all Jokesters. Each year they would pull jokes on each other. This year one of the men placed an alarm clock on the bottom of the deer stand and set the timer to go off at the time his buddy had bragged on seeing this buck come by. The alarm went off, scared the deer and hunter and he could not shut it off until it ran down.
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    I had a stand in a soybean field a few years ago had shot a few nice bucks out of it well I stayed away for about 2 weeks before I went back my first evening back about prime time I hear a alarm clock going off in the woods in front of me it really ticked me off I got down and looked for it couldnt find it came back the next day and the same thing!!! came back on the 3rd day got there 5 hours early hid in the woods thinking I could catch who was setting the alarm (it sounded like the old wind up bell alarm) anyway nobody shows up and it goes off again I jump up madder than heck and stomp off towards the alarm well to my surprise the neighboring land owner had set up a automatic feeder right infront of my stand and everytime it would go off the corn slinging against the little tin deflectors on the bottom sounded just like and ALARM CLOCK!!! I got a real good laugh at my self after I figured out what it was....
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    I went out in the woods behind my house a while back with a climber to hunt for deer. As I slipped thru the woods my two dogs found me and would not go home so I sent them on their way by getting them excited and sent them hunting.

    I climbed my tree and got settled and lo and behold here comes my two dogs. They locate me and start nosing around under my stand. One of them spooks a squirrel out of some brush and the other one lunges at it just barely missing it.

    The squirrel jumps for the tree I am in and runs right up my back and keeps going all the way to the top.

    Well at least he didn't go up my pants leg:eek:oooh:
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    i always past a lot of time watching squirels and birds well i was on stand years ago watching a squirel i seen him start up the tree im in but dident think much about it he disapeard as he come up the back side behinde me i sat perfectly still my head was back rested agenst the tree all of a suden he is right in my face starring me eye to eye i still sat still frade to move afrade he would rip my face up he was looking at me like he was about as freeked out as i am so i deside to blow in his face to back him off lol so i blow a big puff of air in his face lol that tree rat freeked out lol he jumped strait back in mid air doing the back stroke about 20 feet off the ground he fell to the ground looked back up at me barking with that cussing tree rat bark lol and thean haled a$$ i forgot all about being scard of him lol i was lafhing to hard by this time :cool2: i will never forget it i still crack up whean i think about it the look on his face as he was doing the back stroke lol wish i had a cam corder going at that time
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    That squirrel story had me laughing! I was out this morning and missed a nice doe at 12 yards!!! aarrgghh:embarassed: I am just glas I didnt drop anything out of the stand like I usually name I have dropped it.
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    Pinson, Al
    A buddy of mine put a lock-on stand and climbing stick in a tree that had
    a hole in it that had a den of squirrels. The hole where they went in was
    close to his head. The first day he hunted it he had to take a small switch
    and beat the squirrels away. The second time he hunted the stand he told
    me at dusk they all gathered at the bottom of the tree at dusk and started
    making the mewing crying sound because they could not go to bed. He
    said they were all looking at him with their big eyes just crying and begging
    you could not help but laugh. He finally moved his stand over a couple of
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    Lost Wages
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    I had a funny one happen to me about 7 years ago. I was working 12 hour graveyards but was bound and determined I was gonna go deer hunting one way or the other. I was tired of always sitting home and letting everyone else go to the woods. So the evening before I went to work I told my husband I was gona go to the woods and go hunting after I got off work the next morning. He told me where his tree climbing stand was and a good place for me to get. Said he saw a couple of big doe in that area a few days back. I was all gung hoe and ready to get me a deer. I didn't care whether it was a doe or buck i wanted my chance to brag. I got off work headed to the woods found the stand and made my way to that nice little pine tree he told me about. I climbed the tree and tied myself in the stand and around the tree for saftey measures still bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to get me those bragging rights. No sooner than I got situated a nice little breeze started blowing and the tree started swaying in the breeze. After about 10 minutes up there rocking and a swaying, I was out for the count. Must have slept 3 hours and no telling how many of those big ones walked right under me. When I woke up I was so mad my one chance and insted of counting deer walking past I counted sheep. LOL. Good thing I tied myself to the tree too.
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    these are awsome I have laughed so hard this morning.......Thanks
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    This story did not happen to me but it is funny still the same. I have to start this story out with a little background information. About 10 years ago, bears were just starting to show up in numbers here in western PA. Neither my cousin nor I had ever seen them in the wild. We were baling hay in the summertime in a field that had very thick timber around the edge, with lots of berries and such. Long story short, my cousin had to use the little boys tree and walked to the edge of the woods. I was sitting on the tractor about 30 yards away. The next thing I know, he is running full sprint toward the tractor with his jimmy hangin out. He covered that 30 yards in about 5 seconds. He was screaming that a bear was coming after him. After I got him calmed down, he said that he was taking a leak and heard something moving in the brush just in front of him. He said he peaked around the tree and saw a cub scratchin on a tree about 25-30 feet away. Right about the time he thought "Where theres baby, theres mama" he heard her "woof" off to his left. He said he looked up and saw a big black blob and thats when he took off. He was really freaked out by this for a long time.

    Now for the treestand part. 4 years ago my uncle surprised that same still pretty freaked out by bears cousin with a bear hunting trip in canada. All he kept saying before the trip was how he was going to get eaten by a bear. I think by this time he was half joking and half serious. Anyway, they left for the trip and when I heard that they were back home I went over to see how they had done. My cousin would not tell me anything about the hunt at all for about a week. He finally broke down and filled me in on what happened. Apparently, the tree stand that he was in was about 15 feet high and made of wood. On the 2nd evening of the hunt, he was perched in this stand overlooking a bait pile when a nice big boar came in to the bait from behind him. Once it got to the bait pile, my cousin took the shot with his bow. He made a good hit but the bear wheeled around after the shot and was running back to where it had come from. Well for some reason the bear ran straight at the tree and slammed into the base of the tree stand and then the tree itself. When the bear hit the stand, both of the 2x6 runners snapped and down comes cousin. When the bear hit the tree itself it was down for the count but ol' cousin hit the ground right next to it. He said he looked over and saw the nose and a paw about a foot away from him. Apparently he wasnt hurt because he ran the whole way back to the 2 track yellin the whole time. He said he ran about 50 yards and the bear started its death moan. When the guide came to pick him up he apparently didnt believe the story till he got to the scene of the crime. He showed me pictures of the mangled tree stand and the bear at the base of the tree with part of the tree stand actually laying on the back of the bear. You could also see the imprint he made in the moss when he hit the ground and sure enough it was about a foot from the business end of the bear. Needless to say he has no plans of hunting bear anytime soon.
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    A few years back me and Thibodeaux was gonna hunt the following morning. Needless to say i had had a refreshment overload the nite before.:confused2: Anyway by the time i got to the tree(packin a climber) i was worn slam out. Huffin an puffin i figured i would lay down a second as daylite was no-where in sight. Had carharts on and stretched out in the snow and went sound to sleep. I woke up bout 9ish, and figured oh well i'll put stand up and hunt it this evenin. Bout that time hear snow crunchin and here they come up over the ridge. Hit a small buck high(terrible shot) and we almost killed ourselves trackin it over the snow covered hills. Other than the bad shot, it was a good hunt. I slept, my buddie text book hunted and I got meat.
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    I used to live on a great farm and had a long thick ridge behind the house that deer used all the time. There were no good trees for a stand except one great big old oak tree right on the edge of the thicket where I could see about 15 yards in each direction. During the summer I built a small stand in the oak thinking it would be a good bow stand. The first week of bow season I decided to hunt it. I got out there about two hours before daylight since it was a bedding area and climbed into the tree. As the sun started coming up, I could see a round light colored area on the ground in front of me that looked out of place. Finally it got light enough to see the ground and I realized that it was a pile of Turkey feathers. Something had killed a bird there. A few minutes later I looked down at my stand platform and saw blood, feathers, and guts all over it and the seat I was in. It became apparent that whatever killed the turkey, had climbed into the stand to eat it. A little while later I felt something wet hit my hand. I looked up to see if it was going to rain and almost fell out of the tree. A big Bobcat was on a branch about 8' above my head with what was left of the Turkey! It was blood that hit me. I took a minute to decide whether to try a shot at the cat or just get down out of there. Before I came to a decision, a nice little buck walked out of the thicket and bedded down 10 yards in front of me, with his back to me. I quickly nocked an arrow and shot. The arrow broke his back between the shoulder blades and went into his chest. He kicked a couple times but never got up. As slowly as I could, I lowered my bow and climbed down, leaving the cat in the tree watching everything. As I gutted the deer under the tree, I told the cat, "This is your lucky day, buddy". I dragged my deer down the hill and left a nice warm gut pile for the cat!