Trawl Nets for Shad

Discussion in 'Shad Talk' started by Creek6, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. Creek6

    Creek6 New Member

    Anyone using a trawl net for catching shad for bait? If so, how do they work and are there tips for success.
  2. primitivefrn

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    collins mo
    Joel they don't seem to work that well. if you can catch shad with them you can catch shad faster, with a cast net.
    played with one for a while and finaly gave it up.
    maybe someone that has sucess with one will jump in, with inpute.,
    my part their not worth the trouble or money.

  3. Dirtdobber

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    Vian Okla

    I agree. I had one and never could get it to work well enough to make it worth while. I converted mine into a basket to use off the wall at the dam. Works good for shad that way. I saved over half the net so I will have a replacement net when this one wears out.
  4. efrith

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    Seale Alabama
    I got one and had a time with it until I learned how it works.
    I have caught shad and skipjack in it once I figured it out you have to run it out about 75ft. behind the boat and run around 5mph. in a large circle.
    I added some weight to the rope about 20ft in front of the trawl to get it down deeper. The only thing I could tell you that would really help is to make sure you make a lot of passes after finding the bait.
    It was really hard to use in the beginning but after using it for a while I can catch shad especially when they are deep.
    I use a cast net most of the time though it is easier.