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    Springdale, Pennsylvania
    Hello everyone!! I have only been a member of this board for a short time but I have always been a jump right in and speak up kind of person. I have always had a problem with people leaving trash at or in the water when they are fishing or whatever they are doing. I know that some people just don’t care but I do as I am sure a lot of you do. For this reason I carry a garbage bag with me every time I go out fishing and I keep a few in my tackle box in case I forget or need an extra one to clean up after the people who don’t care. Today when I got to my favorite fishing spot on the Allegheny River instead of being able to sit down and enjoy myself I had to spend most of my fishing time picking up 3 yes 3 bags of garbage. From fisherman!!! This completely blows my mind. I am truly saddened that a fisherman would show such disregard for the very resource he needs most. I do not mind picking up the river banks and what I can get to in the water but it makes me really angry that people care so little about our waterways. I know the water isn’t clean and you can’t eat the fish but it is a lot better than it used to be and it will continue to get better but only if we all do our part!! I’m not saying you all should take time out of your fishing and pick up trash I do that because it makes me feel like I am making a difference. I am just asking that the next time you go fishing bring a plastic bag to put your empty hook packs, cigarettes, chew cans, beer cans, and all the other crap we bring with us to the water in it and bring it home with you. It only takes a minute and it really does make a difference!!
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    Rodger I feel your pain, sometimes when I take the kids out once we get to the water 1st thing we have to do is pick up trash. I even tried leaving a trash bag at a couple of spots, but people still end up throwing trash around. I guess we are doing a good thing by picking up the trash.Maybe it will catch on to those who litter.:doubt::0a23:

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    Sarver, Pa
    Excellent post Rodger! I agree with you 100%! I also pick up some trash from time to time, it sickens me how these so called fishermen can leave behind their crap and not care. I never leave any litter and usually come home with someone else's! :angry: Rep to you for caring! :big_smile: :cool2:
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    I am fairly bold when it comes to these things!
    I once MADE a guy pick up his trash after watching him and his family throw bottles and wrappers into the river 50ft. from where I was fishing. Fortunatly for him it had floated back to the bank, LOL!!!
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    miamisburg, oh
    There is nothing worse than people living there trash around. Its seems like people leave alot around the the 3 rivers. I guess they think that it arleady has enough things in it my stuff wouldn't make a difference and thats WRONG!!
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    For some reason it seems to be a bad habit of fisherman here in Pennsylvania. I always try to start a fire and burn it or take what i can with me.One time fishing Emsworth dam we found alot of garbage mostly cans of canabait burned all the garbage came back two weeks later and it was all there again.
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    I could never understand it myself, we as sportsman enjoy the outdoors, but some of our "brothers" are the biggest @*##@@** hogs .........what are some of these guys thinking?
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    i always do the same thing, first thing when i get there, pick out a spot where im going to keep all my trash for the day, weather it be my tackle backpack if im going fishing for a long time, or under a rock so it doesnt blow away when im just bait fishing with some hooks, some slipshot, bait and my pole. one time my cousin was fishin with me for the first time. he had just started likein the outdoors, i looked over and he was tieing a weight to a big pile of trash he had balled up. i asked what he was doin and he had the balls to tell me he was going to throw his trash out into the river. i had to chew him out pretty good for a minute or 2. now everytime we go fishin, hes the fist to pick up more than he brought. lol
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    South Cent
    AMEN! There are alot of "trash" fishermen if that is how to classify them, no respect for themselves let alone anyone or anything, it is a shame and sickening. I have asked several people in the past and will continue to when I see them, :why is it so easy to Carry all that heavy stuff down to the water but when you leave it can not be taken back" needless to say, I have had my share of being cursed at, but what would you expect from them. If the DNR would spend say 2-3 days a month all around the country just issuing citations to people that litter the water ways it may change a few minds about it? Myself I do not consider anyone who leaves their trash and garbage in the water or on the bank "Fisherman/women" if they are doing that you know they don't care about any of the other rules and regs. Thanks for your post, keep it up and know that you are not the only one this sickens.....
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    I also feel your pain Rodger.I also take bags along to clean up areas.What really gets me is that alot of the places I see trash there are trash cans to put your trash in.LAZY NO RESPECT for others or the land.
    Great to see some people care.