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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Tyme2fish, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. Tyme2fish

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    I went fishing today and had arrived at the ramp early and was waiting for my fishing buddy.

    I had a few items of trash in my truck so I walked over to the trash can ( 60 feet from where I parked) to dispose of my trash.

    Then I looked at the parking area and surrounding grassy areas and was appalled at the trash that the "I don't give a hoot" people had thrown out.

    I spent 15 minutes or so picking up McDonald wrappers, soft drink containers, plastic water bottles, etc that these idiots had thrown out.

    The local government received a grant and had just improved the "Ohio River Green Way" installing new lamps, sidewalks, walking paths etc.

    Our tax dollars went into attempting to make this area people friendly and appealling and then these morons can't dispose of their trash properly. IRRRRRRRR. It gets me P.O.d [​IMG][​IMG]

    PS. The city did not touch the boat ramp and access ramp. Pot holes, drop offs, can't launch in shallow water condition, no courtesy dock, etc. But the "park" at the top of the ramps is nice to walk around after Tyme picked up the trash.

    JERMSQUIRM New Member

    sometime its folks like us that make nature a beautiful place. i do the same at times.

    some selfish a$$ho(3$ think there jet skis and pleasure boats and fish are whats important. and neglect to relize the crap they spew.i had a buddie a couple weeks back go fishing with me. he po'ed me so bad. on the way we stopped for beer and food at caseys. we ate on the road. my containers from food went on dash for disposal. he chucked his out the window.

    after we fished i picked up my empty cans and put in my cooler. he flipped a 100lb rock over on his. next time i return to the spot ill pick them up too. but he wont be along.

    i told him after we got back that he litterly left a trail of s^&t from home and back. and i wasnt joking either. what a pig. he talks like hes a big hunter and fisherman. and to me hes a pig. ide rather see a guy poach a deer from a truck and take it home to eat than see a bow hunter leave trash in the woods.

  3. BIG_D

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    Batchtown IL.
    well pepple like this had no and i mean no raising at all we was tawt what we take in we take out this is dumb A$$es that just plain dont care fishing we see some awsome seenery but thean you see all this stinking trash around just ruins it it a shame pepple cant take time to just put it whear it goes y is that so darn hard i just dont understand remember when we was younger that comershal with the indian crying now i understand how he feels its sad :sad2:
  4. catman4926

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    Thats why they make walmart bags so you will have something to put your trash in. But most pepole don't want to take the time to do that and that is what they do at home just throw it on the ground or floor and let there kid pick it up and what a PIG
  5. Katmandeux

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    Checotah, Oklahoma
    I won't even fish a tailrace anymore. Between the trash and the trashy people, it just ain't worth it.:angry:
  6. JAinSC

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    South Carolina
    I walk around picking up trash at landing and such quite often. I especially like to do it while others are watching. I'm sure quite a few of them think I'm just some fool, but I hope a few are inspired (or shamed) into doing the right thing themselves.

    The other thing to remember is that trash tends to attract more trash. Maybe if the slobs see the place clean they might not be so quick to throw their junk on the ground... Nah. I doubt that.