Trash at our fishing places

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by swampthang_matt, Jul 30, 2006.

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    u know it is bad when u want to go fishing and have a good time and when u get to where u want to go there is trash everywhere some people go camping and just leave there trash. There are people who party and get drunk and break beer bottles everywhere and there is glass, kids go down to this place and they can get on that glass and get hurt and that isn't right people need to clean up there trash and the places we love to go will be so much better.
  2. primitive

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    Dav. Ia.
    AMEN to that Matt, it is sad the way people treat the great outdoors, well said. primitive

  3. catfish_jordan

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    if im not catching fish I take a trash bag and just go around collecting trash (cans,bottles,fishing line,ect).all Im trying to do is save the outdoors so our children can enjoy it to like we do.

    stay kool:big_smile:
  4. 1sporticus

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    I always try to pick up trash. We have a local boat launch, with 2 large trash cans that are emptied daily, and we still have trash on the ground. Makes a fellow mad.
  5. FS Driver

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    i got a mechanical reaching picker ??
    about 3 feet long has a squeeze hanle and it opens the grasping claw on the end .
    it works great to pick up trash and you dont have to risk tripping or slipping reaching down at the waters edge retrieveing debris that washed up to the bank.
    i wont hesitate to tell someone not to throw there ^%$#@^ trash down
    especially at the lake .
    there was a younger 20's couple in town that in passing by a store i was entering wadded up an dthrew down a paperplate or something like it
    and i said audibly " oh yeah throw yer freakin garbage anywhere .
    dont worry someone else will pick it up after it blows in there yard"
    well he didnt respond but she turned around and picked it up and
    instead of takeing it with her she opened the lid of the garbagecan in front of the store and put it in there !!!!!! trouble is the can was for sale HAHAHAHA.

    i cant stand a litterbug
  6. I hate to poke my nose where it doesnt blong, but when I went to visit Santa Fe Dam just north of Baldwin Park here in California I was mortified how horribly the park was littered. Now here is the worst part. A majority of the patrons that occupy that recreation area are hispanic. It only took me a few seconds to relaize that there was basically a zero presence of any other race in that park besides myself and my girlfreind. Even though this park is entirely made my the hands of man it disgusts me that the ones who run it do not even take care of it better. I know there are a large number of people who gather there but isnt it about time to clean up some of this mess? I even took it upon myself to pick up some of this trash whiel I was there. I think with my girlfreind being a californian she thought i was being weird picking up others trash without hesitation. I really didnt care because if I wasnt going to pick up some trash it looked like no one would have. As a former active duty Marine it was drilled into our heads to always pick up any kind of trash from the smallest cigarette butt to the nastiest filth made by man. Doing this for 4 years gave me a sense of cleanliness not found in most people.

    With all this being said about keeping the outdoors clean please do not ever hesitate to take 15 minutes or even 30 to pick up trash in the area you are fishing in. You never know who might be watching either. I wish more people would realize that littering can bring heafty fines no matter who you are.
  7. LarryS

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    When me and my Daughter go fishing she always reminds me to bring a trash bag or two. Fishing gets slow she starts to clean up around the area we fish. Problem is two bags are nowhere near enough, "Take what you bring, only leave Footprints". I wish more people would follow that.
  8. Georgiajack

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    That's the truth. Bad thing is a lot of the people who do this either don't care, or was never taught better, and have no respect for people or property. Maybe we could get a judge to fine them the first time caught, and the second time make em' enlist, and serve a couple of years in the military. Jack.
  9. bubbajum

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    I was out the other day at a local river. The spot is very popular with a bike trail, picnic area and the river with in 50 yards of one another. I was shocked how clean it was only one beer bottle and a sock. I take garbage bags to and I'm going to post some signs at the other places I go, sad thing is they might become ground trash also
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    Its getting very bad, not only at lakes. End of my road is bad. I can drive 4 miles dont the road to some neighborhood, take a pic, put it on BOC and you would think I was in another country. Trash, health conditions. Sometimes my own place. I clean up, trash blows in from around the area and even septic tanks, animals etc. Cant do a thing about it. Spillway at my lake, trashed out. It gets cleaned up now and then but when fish are biting, people line up along spillway and will drop trash right in front of everyone. People get to where they cant afford to make a trip to trash dump, price per bag has gone up. they dump on side of road, woods etc.
    Cost me 25.00 to haul off a couch, not counting gas. LOL.