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  1. warcraft1975

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    well its getting closer and closer, today i dyed a few older traps of mine,neatly coiled dozens of snares,anyone else trap??if so what kinda of traps do you use?what kind of season did you have last year?
  2. Desperado

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    Pataskala, Ohio
    I trap, going to try to get back out there this year and thin the yotes out.

  3. warcraft1975

    warcraft1975 New Member

    i hear ya the coyotes around are becomming unreal in numbers,wish the where worth more
  4. Mocathunter

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    St. Joseph, Missouri
    I'll be glad when it's here. I use mostly sleepy creek doubles and longsprings. Getting into the cable restraint thing, since we can't run snares above water here. Did inventory about a week ago, so I could get my order placed.
  5. sam9266

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    Albany, GA
    What do yall do with your animals? Im about to start learning taxidermy from a 30 year experienced taxidermist but need some good full body specimens to practice with at home inbetween lessons and then a source for more animals in the future. If interested in selling any... legally.. contact me by pm on here and Ill email you back. I would mostly be looking for full body/whole frozen, no damage animals such as coyotes,fox,bobcats.

    Good luck trapping.... Sam
  6. brian sax

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    hey warcraft1975, can you trap out by douglas sfl.
  7. flatheaddundee

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    I'm a new trapper in middle mississippi i can do pretty good on beavers and coons. Does anyone else trap in my area, and does anyone know any furbuyers in this region?
  8. cuttingout69

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    For coons, I use Victor #11, Blake and lamb #1, and my favorite is the old Motgomery #11. I have caught meany a coon and mink in the #11's. For Fox, Coyotes, and Cat I use BMI #2 K-9 Wolfers. For otter and beaver, I use Victor 280's. Last year I used some Victor 1 1/2 coils on some blind catch all sets I made. I did really well with them too.

    Did okay last year. Did not trap but 18 night. Caught 2 grays, 9 cats, 1 otter, 30 something coons, 2 bore mink, I coyote, 9 beaver, 10 rats, and pile of possiums. Had some pics up on the old site of the night night catch with my buddy. We spent night nights on the river and piled up some fur with two of us running. We leave to do it again Dec. 9th. I have all my traps ready for action and can't wait.

    I have bought up a pile of traps over my 22 years of trapping, and I am still learning something new every year. I am planning on trying a new cubby set with 110 cons for mink as they say the market for wild mink is going up a little. Last year we faught high water for 9 nights, and I do mean high water. The river was rolling wide open and this pushed us up the bank and looking for new places to set for game. After years of doing this though, I have a motto. Imprevise and over come. Had to come up with new sets, but they worked like a charm.

    It is good to see other trappers on here. I asked DH in a pm to start us a folder for trapping so we don't have to hide under the small game heading. I would like for other to be able to come in and find the trapping thread and see who we are and what we do. Maybe someone how important trapping is, and that we preform a service to all out doors men. Yall keep looking for it, and hopefully we will get our on folder soon.