trapping coon with tin foil

Discussion in 'Trapping & Fur Taking' started by stinkbaitman, Dec 27, 2007.

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    a while back there was a thread about trappin coon wit the hole and nails with foil at the bottom. people said thats inhumane so why dont you just take a normal foothold trap and wrap foil around the pan and set that where the moonlight shines onit and the coons move by. if needed you could put some call lure nearby?anyone try that?
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    there are far better ways of trapping coon than doing that. you would be wasiting your time to run a line like that

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    As a matter of fact It works great ,if you place the foothold trap in a shallow ripple ,on a full moonlit nite . I have personally caught many coon with only foil on the pan of a 1 1/2 or 2 coil spring trap.
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    Yup!Did it at times on the full moon.Never found it as good as bait,but have caught coons and one neighbor in broad daylight when I heard him holler right behind the house.The set was in still water and leaves.He reached for the shiny and got caught.Just not thinking.He knew better and had set traps as a kid.He knew that I had traps set as coons were eating the turkeys we had released.I also caught a Wood Duck by the head with foil once.Figure that one?Pure chance and bad luck on a feeding duck and small branch or stream that you could step over.Otters will sometimes go for or investigate foil as they are nosy.Cut up aluminum cans and weenie,potted meat cans and tops,etc.bent over the pan.Cans & tops are sturdier and cheaper than foil.Critters will focus their attention on and watch the shine and not their feet and it can be used in more ways than bait to trap just like a white chicken feather in the breeze nearby.They can't watch that and where they step if they are moving.

    I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee
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    me and a buddy have some out like that now, no luck so far but we have only had 17 traps out for 2 nights, were putting some conibears out for rats this weekend. both of our first years trapping so wish us luck:big_smile:
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    Never had any luck with that set.