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Trapping and Fur Taking section

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This section was requested by members for a new trapping and fur taking section on the board, Please enjoy and let us know if you need anything.
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Eric, I ordered some drowners from Minniesota tonite. I got 4 doz + J hooks. I also ordered me another doz 330 trigers. I have just about every thing ready to pack in the boat. I will be ready to pull out Sat morning. I have not made it to work on the pump yet nor have I installed mine. I hope to do it this week. Later.
tony, my time is getting short, 3 more days and i'll be back on american soil. that sure is gona be nice. next time you talk to foster tell him i said hello. also ask him about them #3's. i'll be flying into shreveport at 10:15 friday night. probably be ready to head to the camp about 10 or 11 saturday morning. are you gona go on to the camp or meet me and carmen at the house and foller us? i haven't talked to james in a couple of days. the last time i talked to him i had 6 hogs in my trap. i imagine joe is tired of feeding them by now. i may bring some of them to the camp and dress them out. duck season won't close until sunday evening so i'm not gona be in a real hurry to put out a lot of traps. i figure after we get everything cleaned on monday and you head to party i'll try to get out some steel. sure wish you was gona be with us the whole two weeks.
sounds good. I plan to set as much steel Sat and Sun as I can get out. I hope by 12 Sunday most of the duck hunters will be out of there.

James sold the #3 already.

I need a list of things I need to bring to camp. I plan to come to your house and meet yall there. I figure any way, if you are going to come on. I plan to be setting steal Sunday for sure.
61 - 63 of 63 Posts
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