Transportation of Channel Catfish

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    A friend of mine finally gave up the ghost. He owns a large tract of land in the middle an urban sprawl with a stocked pond on it. He's now moved and going to sell. The pond is scheduled to be drained to develop the land. :sad2: He has asked if I can save any of the fish. He's been hand feeding the channel cats for years.

    My plan is to catch them and place them in coolers with cooled water from the pond and aerators. Will that suffice to get them where they are going? What are the considerations that I need to pay when placing them in another pond?

    I am not looking for manpower. That was an easy slot to fill. :lol:

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    Sounds like a plan as long as the move isn't that far. Its either that or one giant fish fry! LOL!

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    First, you may want to check with the DNR people in your area. Transporting fish from one body of water to another is illegal in a lot of states. Private ponds may or may not be affected.

    Channels are very hearty and will do well if the tank has a good filtration system and aeration, but they WILL DIE FASTER IN WATER THAN WITHOUT WATERit if the water is not aerated and circulated!! If they consume all the oxygen in the water, and new oxygen is not added, you will have a tank of dead fish.

    Ponds will typically have less oxygen than river water, so that may be a concern.

    Handle the fish as little as possible. Everytime you grasp a fish you remove some of the slime from the fish.

    You can purchase an aerator from Wal-Mart or Bass Pro Shops for around $35 that will attach to a cooler and run off of a trolling motor battery. This will help to keep the fish alive for a good while. Also, add some of the water treatment that bass fishermen use in tournaments. It helps to dissolve oxygen and also helps the slime on the fish.