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  1. ersel

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    Haughton Louisiana
    I have a Lowrance X87 and have replaced two transducers (the water I fish is full of stumps). I have heard that you can't shoot thru aluminum but vexilar make a shoot thru aluminum transducer. I was inquiring aboutit at the local boat store and they told me any transducer will shoot thru aluminum as long you don't have an air pocket. Has anyone tried this? Two guys that work at the boat dealer have done this and say they have no problems.
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    here is a bracket i made so i wouldnt have to permanently mount it to the boat. . i have heard of useing a special adhesive to glue it to hull but not sure where to get it. you might look in your manual, i think it covers that in there.

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    If shooting through an aluminum hull worked, your Lowrance owner's manual wouldn't tell you that it doesn't.

    But if you don't believe the folks who made your transducer, you can certainly test it easily enough yourself - just put your transducer on the floor of your boat and add enough water in the bilge to completely cover it and see what happens.
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    I for one did try shooting through a tin hull. And it did not work.
    Had one guy tell me that you could take a 6" plastic pipe 6" tall and fill it with water and it would work. but never did try it.
    And if the boat store tells you that. I think I would not be looking for them to work on my boat. LOL
    But then again. They may have found something that will allow it to work.
    Good luck.
    I for one will be getting the Vexilars for my boat later in the year. but my Transducer is $250. And sure don't need to buy any of them.

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    I have used a transducer shooting through the hull on an aluminum boat. I think you may loose some sensitivity. You would need one that sets flat against the bottom of the hull. The Lowrance/Eagle skimmer transducers with the rounded bottom probably wouldn't work.

    Take something like a tin can with both ends cut out and silicone it into the bilge of your boat. Fill with water and drop the transdcer in. Use something to keep it pressed tight against the bottom of the hull and see if it works for you. If you are satisfied with the performance, then you can remove the can and permanently mount it with epoxy. If it doesn't work good enough, then you can easily remove the can.