tramsom motor on bow- Work?

Discussion in 'Boating' started by odtimr, Oct 22, 2009.

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    I've got an older 14ft Starcraft boat with a 6hp merc and a small electric motor on the transom. This is not a very large boat and mostly I fish pretty small lakes. I was thinking maybe I would like to fish out of the bow sometimes. I see MotorGuide has now a varimax transom mount 45 lbs thrust with a 36inch or 42inch shaft for about $200.00. The Ad says the head can be easily turned to mount the motor on the bow or even the side of the boat. My question is has anyone ever mounted a transom motor up front and what are the disadvantages? I temporary stuck my small electric motor up front on the bow, out of the water, and looks like it would maybe work if I made a small wooden block to shim out the gunnel. Seems to me maybe the worst case would be if I hit something in the water it would have no way to break away, probably bending the shaft.
    Thanks for any ideas or help.
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    I hope someone steps in & corrects me if I'm wrong but I think it effects the steering & rotation somehow.

    I bought one @ Wally World once & tried the same thing but the rotation was backwards, it kept backing off the prop nut. I got frustrated, took it back & exchanged it for store credit.

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    you can indeed turn that motor around on the shaft and it will work just fine i have did it myself never had the prop back off on me mabe i was just lucky lol
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    walleye fisherman do the same thing when back trolling jigs just rotate the handle 180 should work fine.
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    i did that with my minkota, and it worked just fine
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    I once had a 14' jon boat I operated with a trolling motor. I just turned the think around and backed the boat where ever I wanted to go. Don't know why it would be any different to mount the motor on the front and pull the boat wherever I wanted to go. More than one way to skin a cat, you know. LOL
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    one of the diffrences you might concider is that the bow is usually much higher out of the water than the transom,, so you would be needing a longer shaft length,, also dont skimp on the wiring to the bow, get large heavy guage wiring for the travel to the front plug.
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    i did that to mine,back when i was a bass fisherman. it works just fine just make sure you clear the hull. mark what way you turn it to if your going to switch it back and forth. you dont want to turn it too much and pull a wire loose in there!
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    No problems at all. I even have an extension handle for mine that extends probably about 5 feet and has a double joint on the end so I can steer it close to 180 degrees without sitting right next to it. We made a mounting surface on the bow of our jon boat so that there are two vertical planes to clamp it on, but I think you can also buy a bracket to go on the front of jon boats for this purpose. While we were using a friend's pontoon I built a bracket to clamp on the front of it and put the trolling motor on that bracket.