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    not sure where this goes so its here for now . saturday my brother vern aka vlparrish and i went fishing we set up in a couple spots with no luck the last one being a spot he set up on thursday , we fished several hours and the only thing caught was a few logs one being 12' and a trammel net that some fisherman obviously lost cause vern says he hung into it on thursday as well , this thing has been in the water 3 days that we know of unchecked by the owner , i dont think these nets were meant to be released to reek haveek on the fish in the river .

    vern hung into it saturday , thought he had hooked bottom intended to break his line , but 50# mono dont break easily , he pulled the net from the bottom we seen about 3 feet of it at one time , he was useing a penn (winch ) and a shakespear sturdy stick after fighting the current for 10 min he handed the rod to me , man this thing was heavy the rod i kid not was bent in a "u" i thought it would snap , pull back and reel down it was slow we together brought it up from the depths of 50' of water to only have it break free and wash back down in the waterer grave below with what ever fish that had unfortunately got into it what a waist .

    i dont normally make a habbit of running nets that dont belong to me , but it was obviouse this net is a nuesince and any one using them should be more careful not to lose them . vern and i havent caught any fish over 30# in months this net could be one of the many reasons why that and other fisherman keeping the bigger fish .

    if i do hang that net again its coming in if i have to hook every rod iv got in it . i know by now the fish that are in it are rotted but theres room for more fish and the innimate death of those fish .