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    Well this is something a person might want to check. Me I never thought about it. I check my trailer bearings and the transom I make sure I have rope some tools I make sure my ratchet straps are good I carry 2 plugs for the drain (ya never know) I'm the guy that say's you can never have enough stuff with ya. With that said here is my latest adventure in a long line of character building problems I have had in my 35 yrs of dealing with cheap used old boats none of the boats ever cost over 500.00 so you can see what i deal with not to say that a 500.00 dollar boat is not a good boat it's all can afford. So i went out last weekend to try out some catfishin everything was perfect,after launching the boat on the first try down the ramp the boat started, only took about 20 tries great I'm on my way I forgot to tell ya I had the little woman with me,after fishing for awhile with several nibbles and nothing to bite the little woman needed to go, as if I did'nt know that was coming so i said ok heck with it, I'll just put the boat up she said good (I just love for her to go with me) anyway I parked at the dock backed the trailer in got back in the boat put it on the trailer started to winch it the rest of the way on, the only problem was the boat was'nt moving but the winch was getting closer to the boat on further inspection I found the the post for the winch was rusted out at the bottom, perfect my wife has such a sweet way of telling me about my pride and joy that she calls a hunk of junk among other things anyway after I ignored the complaints i grabbed a couple of my rachet straps (thank god I carry everything with me) and strapped the boat to the trailer with just a little over hang and then strapped it to the trailer hitch for good measure and off we went her still complaining and me happy the boat didnt fall off. Moral is after you check everything check the winch post. see ya