Trailer Tires, Wheels, and Lug Nuts

Discussion in 'Boat Safety' started by Arkie55, Jun 27, 2006.

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    Ok, I need some information. Saturday, when I came off the river I had a boat trailer flat. That in itself is no issue. I changed the flat. Here is the issue, when changing the flat tire, I noticed I two different size lug nuts. Once they were removed, I seen why, the holes in the wheel were worn out. Yesterday, I ordered new wheels and tires. Now the information I need. My boat trailer is a four hole 12" wheel and tire. I need new lug nuts. What size do I need to buy?
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    most are 1/2" but take one off and with you when you go to get new ones. there are different threads , shank size and length.

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    To decide which of the 2 you need , Put the new tire and wheel on with only 1 lug nut and see if the wheel wiggles or has play. Lug nuts have diffrent shapes and angles on the bottom and you need the right type. The store might be able to match your trailer by manufacture to the lugs.loose whees ae scary and unsafe. There is nothing like being passed by one of your tires while on the road. good luck