Trailer Hitch Aiming Device

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    Original post made by Darrel Miller(Cornhusker) on October 25, 2003

    OK, I got some pictures of my trailer hitch aiming device. Now I’ll try to explain it to you.


    I fabricated an indicator pole from a piece of 2x8 for the base and piece of a fiberglass bicycle flag pole for the pole. This indicator pole is placed on the side of the trailer hitch and back far enough that the hitch is directly over the ball when your vehicle touches it and you see it move. You will have to determine how far back on the hitch to set it.

    I also adjust the dolly to make sure the hitch is at the top of my left knee cap. You have to figure where on your knee the correct point is.


    I back my pickup to the trailer using the inside rear view mirror. I line up the day/night tab under the mirror which is at the center of the mirror with a spot centered between the 2 screws on the tailgate, the center of the tailgate, and the winch post on the trailer. I back slowly keeping these points aligned until I see the indicator pole move. This should have the hitch and ball pretty close to where they need to be.

    Sometimes I cannot come straight back at the front of the trailer so I move the indicator rod to a point dead center of the hitch and use it for the alignment point. In this arrangement stopping in the exact place is more difficult but still easier than going completely blind.


    Here is the ball to hitch alignment I got this morning when I was taking pictures. This is about average. Not directly in line but close enough I can push and pull a little to connect them. You can see my safety backup board. I place it between the ball and the license plate to protect the license if I mess up. Hate bent up license plates.

    This system works well for me and hopefully it will for some of you.