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Discussion in 'Boating' started by madiaz, May 10, 2008.

  1. madiaz

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    kalamazoo, michigan U.S.A

    i was doing a search but still was curious as to some sort of devices that will make the trailer and boat accesories a little bit harder to steal. the motor anti theft thread is good, looks like the general concensus is that the bar type locks are better than a chain or thick cable.
    however what would be some things to do to the trailer? i bought a kit that sends a small bar through the hitch couplings (trailer ball & coupling on truck) but they look kind of flimsy. i see that master lock has some beefier looking locks but i'm not trusting them so much anymore on account someone could probably pick a lock quickly plus they make there stuff in China now.

    Any suggestions on some devices to slow down potential bad guys? or at least something that they would have to make a bunch of noise ? and a rottweiler or shotgun is not an option :tounge_out:

    thank you,
    regards,, m.a.d.
  2. AwShucks

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    If the bad guy's want your trailer, boat or motor, they are going to get it. Locks keep honest people honest longer. I doubt a person who can pick locks would waste his time on a boat and equipment...if your gonna take the risk, make it worthwhile. Just a simply padlock will deter most thieves, and the specialty locks will deter more. But, in the long run, it boils down to just how much do they want it.

  3. Katmandeux

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    Keeping the boat out of sight would be my first move. Garage it, or rent a storage unit that has good security.
  4. alands94

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    I agree with Lawrence and Dave. I keep my rig in my garage - out of sight, out of mind. I also have a padlock for my trailer and another for my motor. It is unfortunate that in today's society we have to worry so much about thieves :angry:
  5. katcaller

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    I say: INSURE with Smith & Wesson or Samuel Colt.
  6. orion_xxvx

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    Thieves hate light and sound. If I were really worried about it hide a tracking device ( like they put in dogs) in it somewhere.
  7. River_monster91

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    agreed. or maybe get you a few dobemans or rottwielers to chain to the trailer.
  8. PeeDee Cat

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    If we were to go back to hangings like the good old days you would not have to worry. Or either cut both hands off. I believe in capital punishment. I guess this will open another can of worms. One of the reasons this country is in the shape it is in is because of the crooks and theifs walking the streets. Just pay a lawyer where he can pay a judge and walk away like nothing has happened. Let me get off this soap box.
  9. Stubby

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    There have been a couple of trailers stolen at Kaw Lake in the last 2 years and both of them had been padlocked to the vehicles and were setting in the boat parking lots where we all park. The way they got them was reach under the latch and unscrew the Nut off of the hitch adjustment bolt Real easy to do and fast. I adjusted the nut so it can't be pulled off the ball and hit the nut with the welder underneath. If you don't have a welder available bang the bolt end with a hammer and jimmy up the threads. If a thief wants something bad enough He'll get it sooner or later. Actully boat insurance is pretty cheap if you add it to your vehicle or house policy.
  10. madiaz

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    kalamazoo, michigan U.S.A
    yes i was thinking about both how easy it would be to remove a couple bolts and insurance as well. i was thinking about some sort of torx bolts but the welding is a really good idea thank you. the primary concern is when the trailer is sitting in the parking with me out in the water.

    i don't know man, i think it's the ones that don't get caught. and i think it's more that the system doesn't let us protect ourselves so well. in Australia some people rig flame throwers under their cars by the door. thieve comes along and the will get barbequed.

    i'll probably go the welding route but am still looking for other stuff even if someone who really wants it can take it but making it noisier and more time consuming will make the odds of catching them better.
    regards, m.a.d.
  11. cantstopgrandma

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    I am with yall. I seen in the newspaper that a couple of small aluminum boats have been stolen around here. I imagine nobody will find them because they've been sold for scrap and long since been flattened, shredded, etc. I have a lock on the motor and on the trailer ball latch to keep someone from being able to hook up to it. About unscrewing the nut on the bottom of the ball....i think i'll be looking for a welder now, even though we did use a pipe wrench and 10foot piece of pipe to tighten it. I doubt they will get it off with much less than that. I also keep my drawbar locked into the receiver because lots of them get stolen. Like has been said the lock just keeps the honest man honest. If they want it bad enough they will either get it, or mess up your stuff real bad trying. I just keep hoping that my boat is too heavy to lift off the trailer and steal that way. At almost 400#, i'm hoping its more trouble than its worth. With all the battery powered sawzalls and dremel tools it isn't hard to "unlock" anything these days.
  12. tntitans21399

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    I have the master lock that goes up in the coupling that keeps people from attaching it to their truck. I had it on my dad's open trailer at his work and one day someone came and stole the trailer right next to it that didn't have a lock on it. His trailer was 2 feet longer and more heavy duty then the other one, but I think since it had a lock and the other one didn't they went for the one without a lock.

    On my boat trailer I have the same master lock that goes up in the coupling area and then I put the master lock that lockes the latch handle down. I keep it locked on the coupling lock when not using it and locked onto the ball of the truck when in use. If I'm leaving the boat on the trailer somewhere that someone could get it, over night at a friends apartment of something, I'll also use a pad lock and lock the chain links up against the trailer so they aren't free to be used to hook on to a vehicle. Then at home I park it behind my 6 foot gate so no one sees it.

    I added a pic of kind what I use, but I only use.

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  13. Pacman

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    Someone who steals the whole thing is likely a career thief and will bring the necessary tools with him.

    I worry more about the crack heads stealing stuff out of the boat for the pawn shop. I heard of someone attaching a baby monitor to the boat with the receiver in the house or hotel room. Sounds like it might work.

    I have no use for a thief--whether petty or grand.
  14. Alfred L Phelps

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    south carolina
    Put loc-tite on the nuts,and put a golf ball in the reciever ( when un-hooked from vehicle) and lock the lever on reciever.No way to put on a 1 7/8 ball or a bolt. This only works on a 2 inch hitch.
  15. lendog

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    i will be adding extra locks to everything on my boat, two weeks ago someone stole my 40 hp mariner off the back of my boat, cut all the wires and cables including the steering cable which was 3/4 inch thick steel cable, the motor was the only thing taken, anyway i got real lucky and found my motor at a local marina which was brought in and sold to them, after a description and warning the owner to be on the lookout for a motor for sale he told me he bought it, now its evidence and i must wait to recover it from the cops:angry:, i didn't have a lock on the motor and never thought about it because of its size, but i'm sure it was 2 people ta get it off the back of the boat, never let your guard down!!