Trail Camera Batteries

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by WylieCat, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. WylieCat

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    I was curious as to what power source you folks use for your trail cameras?

    My cameras run off a six volt lantern battery, and obviously that is an expensive way to power a camera. I would like to rig up some kind of wet cell battery for powering the cameras. The up front cost will be more, but well worth it over an entire season.
  2. GaryF

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    I had a solar powered security light that worked off a 6 volt (4ah) sealed lead acid battery, recharged by a small solar panel. I think it cost $30. I bet it wouldn't be too hard to adapt something like that to a trail cam.

  3. samh

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    I was just at Wal-Mart yesterday to get some rechargeable 6 volt and charger for my 2 cameras. They were out, but they are supposed to call me when they get a new batch in. The batteries were around $8 and the charger was $9. I want 3 batteries for my 2 cameras so I can keep one on the charger and rotate them out.

    If you use Non-rechargeable batteries, get good ones, like Dura-cell, a $6 battery will out last a $4 battery in my camera 4 or 5 times, in real cold weather I've had brand new cheap batteries that would not even turn the camera on the first time. Also, cold weather saps the power, I've found that if I save the batteries that are too low to run the camera in the winter and use them in the summer, I can get about a week out of the "dead" winter batteries in the summer and early fall. I've run my cameras summer on the batteries I saved from last winter that were too dead in cold weather to work.
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    Let me tell you what I am doing on the camera I can drive close to(I don't have a 4 wheeler, battery heavy--LOL)-----it uses a 6volt latern battery-----------I just drilled two holes in the bottom of the camera the size of the 16gage wires I used---------Hook a red and black wire to the battery clip inside the camera--let these two wires run out the bottom of the camera through the drilled holes and hook to a 6volt golf cart battery. I know I can get a liter weight 6 volt battery like a 6 volt tractor battery the size of a small 12volt car battery, and they use to be a 6volt motor cycle battery--but I hadn't checked------ I was just using what I had. It works for a looooong time-----Just be careful hooking up the wires if you decide to do this-------Hooking them backwards can ruin your camera. Good Luck!! Randy

    I am planning in a few days to build a voltage regulator for my 35mm camera to hook to a 12volt battery, building the regulator with a 9volt output and a 3volt output because it uses 9volt and 2--1.5volt in series(3volt).

    PS If you want you can use 2 of the bigger screw in climbing steps, screwed into the tree a few inches apart and a board a little larger than the size of the battery bottom-----as a shelf to set the battery on up off the dirt, with a quick disconnect to make unhooking the wires easy.

  5. trnsmsn

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    We Use The Same Batteries For Our Trail Cameras As We Do For Our Feeders.

    Go To Lowes Or Home Desperate & Buy The Batteries Designed For Emergency Lighting, They Are Rechargeable & Have Lots Of Reserve Power, In addition To Lots Of Milliamps. They Really Spin The Feeders Fast.

    I Just Use A 6/12 Volt Charger From Tractor Suppply Etc & Then Just Take A Spare Battery Out With Me Along With Another Digital Card. I Don't Like The Solar Chargers Because The Coons Eat'em Up.

    By The Way, You Know How Long It Will Fire Up A Digital Camera, It Runs Our Feeders For Over 1 Month:big_smile:
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    I use rechargeable 6 volt batteries I got them from moutrie they were cheap. The last forever and when they do run out just charge them. I have had my camera out for weeks taking over few hundred pictures and the battery power still reading almost full.
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    I use the 6volt lead acids as well, but I like to have two of them. I swap them every time I check the cam. Lead acids are not suppose to be run dead so it's cheap and simple to have two and swap every other time or so, dependly on how often you visit.