Trade ya my Greatgrandmas lard crust recipe for---

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    Tanya started a nice thread about "Whats for supper" She mentioned cornbread. I do all the cooking at home-and no brag, just fact, I'm pretty good at it. Pies and breads are my specialty. I love cornbread but for the life of me can't make it worth a darn. My wife likes sweet cornbread-not a true Southern type I know. Anyhow I have a lot of recipes, but it's my technique of cooking that seems to screw it up. Must be because I'm a damn Yankee. Here's the deal. I'll trade you my Grandmas Slovak Lard Crust recipe for your best way to cook cornbread. Rhubarb is coming along fine-nothing better than rhubarb pie unless it's rhubarb-strawberry pie. But it's got to have a good crust-heres your chance. Thanks-Postbeetle. P.S. Make sure you have good vanilla ice cream with that rhubarb pie.
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    the trick for good cornbread turnout is to heat up your castiron skillet coated with bout 2 table spoons veg. oil in the oven first. When its hot, pour the heated oil into your cornbread batter and mix well, then pour over into the heated should have a nice golden crust to it when you get through.

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    mmmmmm...I love cornbread! Thank you for the tip!
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    there are 2 ways of making cornbread. both involve cast iron.

    1 in a skillet, the other in a dutch oven.
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    If your wife likes a sweet corn bread. A simple & quick fix is Jiffy. One box of corn bread and one box of white cake mix. I bake em in a cake pan averaging the temp and time.
    Going to try the cast iron, I could never get it to come out right, Know I know why. Thanks for the tips!
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    A flat bottomed iron skillet is a necessity. Put a tablespoon or so of oil in a large skillet and put it in the oven at 400. Next, use any old cornmeal mix and prepare it according to the directions. However, add about 1 can of creamed corn to the mix. If you like it a little sweet, add a bit of sugar to the mix. If you like it hot, add some finely chopped clili peppers. Pour the mix into the hot skillet and cook till the top is golden brown. The hot, oiled skillet gives the cornbread a crust to die for.
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    Some folks prefer the slightly different taste you get by using bacon grease instead of cooking oil. But you really need to get your wife to liking cornbread with crackling and/or japalenos instead of that sweet stuff. Hey, I know, make her some real southern cornbread, butter it up good, then add some sorghum syrup over it.