tracy and her new pb flat

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    me and tracy go fishing all the time as you all know. well she had gotten really frustrated with cat'n because she wanted a monster cat and it didnt matter what kind as long as it was big. anyway to add to her frustration me and wesley went the other night and got those 2 40lbers. and when i took superduty65 he got that 44lber. so that didnt help her at all. she told me that after the last tourney we fished she was done, not gonna go anymore, that i had better luck without her. well she gave it one more shot wed night and low and behold it was looking like another slow night, i had got one 12lb flat on and nothing else. i was affraid id loose the best partner i got so we tried a place that i know holds big fish, its just a matter of catching them at home. we got setup and i guess it was about 30 to 45 mins when the reel took off.. she grabbed, it set the hook and the drag was screaming. she said oh s**t this isa big one. she fought the fish for about 10 to 15 mins. he made 3 runs on her like that and when we finally got him to the boat i knew he was gonna be very close to 50lb. and sure enough my darlin had caught her a 47.2 lb flat. not only is that her pb fish ever she has also crushed my pb fish of 42lb flat and almost tied my pb of 48lb flat.

    it was a priceless moment. she did it all by herself. the only thing i done was get him in the boat. im just glad she got her a big one and i think she has changed her mind about quiting. thank god because i realy dont wanna loose my best freind and best fishing buddy. sorry guys there aint nothing better than having a woman love fishing as much as you do. im proud of you darlin. thers more biggins to come i promise.

    we also got a 13lb blue to. to see pic goto n.c. thread couldnt find how to put it up on the tread
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    I know the feeling. My wife and I fish together as much as possible. I hate to admit it but she's usualy wayyy better than me. First time I went fishing with her a roughly 30 pound flat stole her rod rite out of her hands:angry: and she dove in the water after it.:crazy: I figured the trip was over after that but she wouldn't go home.:eek:oooh: We built a fire and she kept on fishin'. :smile2: Not only that... A little while later she got a good hit on her second line and pulled in a good 20 pound flat head. Funny thing was it had a line wrapped around it. She pulled in the line out of curiosity and it was her first rod and reel:tounge_out:. More unbelievable still when she started winding it in the fish that stole it was still there.:crazy: Soaked to the bone, sore and stiff from the fight, that's how she got the 30 pounder.:big_smile: Shortly after that we were married :smile2:and the fun and unbelievable luck/skill of my wife has continued on and will continue as long we can hit the banks/ride the boats/cast the lines.