Tractors, what is a good small Tractor?

Discussion in 'Garden Tips And Talk' started by Catfish_Commando, Jul 13, 2006.

  1. Catfish_Commando

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    Anyone own a smaller tractor? Is there any quick warning signs someone should know about?

    Mainly cutting dense brush, and plucking smaller tree's, what would be best?
  2. laidbck111

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    John Deere makes a pretty good tractor and brush hog attachment that's small. Growing up we had two tractors an old Ford with an inline12 and a FarmAll both with all the attachments but they were not small. Lawn tractors have come along way in the last few years and you can get just about anything you want nowadays.

  3. gardengrz

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    i know a few people that are happy with their kubotas, check em out.
  4. 1sporticus

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    I would say Kubota and John Deere have a good product. I have run both, and as far as cutting grass the Kubota is in front, as far as an all around tractor with plenty of attachments I like the 318 John deere. Either one would be a good choice/ Andy
  5. wolfman

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    Triadelphia, WV
    Walter Flack
    from what I have heard Kubota is one at the toop of the list.
  6. bearcat

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    Nokomis, Illinois
    You are talking small tractor not lawn mower correct.
    You can go wrong with a John Deere or Kubota. I have never dealt with kubota. John Deere on the other. I have been born and raised on them. There service department when needed is second to none. If you need parts they will have it the next morning.

    Deere makes a 4000 series and a 5000 series that are very good. Most probably the 4000 series is what you are looking for.

    By the way the Ford boomer series is supposed to be really good also.
    Hope this helps.
  7. Netmanjack

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    John Deer or Kabota, Paul.
    Just remember though, no tractor is reliable with out proper use and maintenance. :big_smile:
  8. primitivefrn

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    collins mo
    I have a kubota, bucket, blade, and, brush hog, easy on fuel, diesel.
    mines a 27 hp I think, manuel trans.
    seems to be a tough little tractor, never heard anything bad, about them If I was to buy another, i sure be looking at the same brand.
  9. SubnetZero

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    Sherman IL
    Hrmm, My Crystal Ball tell me will be seeing a post from Paul soon asking where to buy some John Deer Green pain to cover some scratches heehhehe :big_smile: :wink:
  10. samh

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    I've farmed and made a living with tractors my whole (51 years) life. John Deere,kubota,Ford or any of the Name brand tractors are good. The worse thing about small tractors and attachments for them, is that compared to larger tractors they are expensive, seems the smaller the tractor the more it costs for what you get. I'd look real hard at getting a 4 wheel drive in a small tractor, specially if you get a front end loader on it ( and I would not have a tractor without one), four wheel drive will let you do a lot more with a lot less tractor. If I were looking to buy one, I'd look long and hard at finding a good used one. My family has farmer forever and we own lots of tractors of all sizes from 200 hp to 20 hp, and we have never bought a new tractor, there are a lot of good used ones out there that will save you money compared to new.. On small tractors there are lots of folks that buy'em and then find they really don't need or use it enough and although it maybe a few years old, its still like new and for sale. Check the want ads in your area for a while and see what you can find.
  11. peewee williams

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    Dirty dog!I don;t think that you have to match up the years with John Deere paint.He might should go with them. He,he!! I found the solution to this problem many years ago.I have bought 4 new trucks in my life time and never had to worry about a scratch.When leaving the dealer,I always drove down the first overgrown 2 rut logging road that I can find.Most of the LOUD SCREECHES that I heard were from the wife.When it is properly scratched up,I turned around and start using my truck for what I bought it for.That is the secret.I see no reason for buying something and then refusing to use it as I wish,because it may get scratched.Many do.Yea! I know.I am different.peewee-williams
  12. Bubbakat

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    I have to agree with sam on this one What he is saying here I followed to a T about three months ago and bought a used Kubota in the four wheel drive with bucket finish mower bush hog tiller the works used and it has been every thing I have expected. But like he said pricey.
  13. Lngbo

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    Marion Ark
    many different ones, the standbys that everyone likes are the 8N and 9N fords these are a good small tractor usually sells from 1800 to 3000 dollars. The Ford 3000 Diesel is a workhorse about 6000 dollars. The John Deere I believe 4700 is a very good strong tractor. (My boss has one of these that I use mowing his stuff, will handle finishing mowers, bushhogs, tillers, blades, and has a hydrostatic transmission) Kubutos are a good strong tractor, but very expensive if they break down. Allis Chalmers if you can find them are a good tractor and small. What ever you get go with the wide frontend.
    Hope this helps
  14. jlingle

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    Altus, Okl
    We have a greyhound farm and use Kubota tractors exclusively. My dad uses his every single day. They're reliable, and tough little tractors. We've always gotten the four wheel drive tractors with front endloaders. We use brush hogs, tillers, blades, small discs, etc. with them and I honestly can't remember one of them breaking down...... that wasn't due to our stupidity anyway. That's another story.

    Anyway, definitely look for a used small tractor like the other fellas have said, but I recommend the Kubota tractor. I use them daily.

  15. three_rivers

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    Tupelo Ar
    The guys pretty much covered it. 4wd in a small tractor is almost a necessity. Make sure and check out the small new hollands boomer series and case tractors. A friend just purchased a new holland 40 hp 4wd last year and he hasn't had one bad thing to say about it....
  16. TDawgNOk

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    One thing I will tell ya. A Deere won't let ya down. My grandmother had a small, 7 hp riding mower she bought in 1970, its a Deere, it will out cut many riding mowers with more HP that are new and shiny.
  17. dougc

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    My family farms and owns a John Deere dealership and I have sold Kubota tractors and parts for 15 years now and you won't go wrong with either. What you need to know is that on the compact tractors, most of the big manufacturers don't make their tractors. Kubota is about the only manufacturer who makes all of their tractors. Pretty much all of John Deere's tractors under 50hp are Yanmars. Same goes for the other companies.
  18. Nobody Special

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    If you're just looking for something to pull a bush hog with, the Ford 8N and 9N tractors made in the late 1940's and early 1950's would be pretty good. There are a lot of them still around, so that should say something about their durability. They usually go for around $2500.
  19. lawnman61

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    Fort Worth, Tex
    Paul, if you asked my father inlaw, he tell you John Deer is the best.
    I know from experience the Kubotas are very good tractors and have many attachments with them as well.
  20. Salmonid

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    SW Ohio
    All depends on how much you want to spend and what you want to do with it. If Bush Hogging is involved, I would stay with about 30 hp or more, ( no less) and if you can afford it, get something with a front end loader, ( resale is really good on those since everyone wants one now) also as posted above, if you get an older tractor, besure to get a wide front end and one that has power steering, ( IH and Fords have this going back to the early 70's) and a 35-40 hp tractor from the early 70s should go for about 3500-5000, addan older front end loader to that and your talking about 5500-8500 dollars for an older one.
    Apparently Im the only one on here who couldnt swing the >15k for the Kubota or that really expensive Green paint model, ( of course the Red paint and the Blue paint models are just as expensive nowadays) :lol:
    So it all boils down to price,really.

    If you go with a older tractor a few things to look for when buying is a smooth clutch, not one that is jerky. Minimal if any oil leaks, no smoke on start up, make sure both foot brakes work, , lights and look for good tread ont eh tires and make sure there even on the wear patterns, Typical tractors have the right rear as the drive tire so it the one that usually wears out first. ( tires are gawd awful expensive)
    Also be sure the PTO Drive works and engages smoothly and disengages, do not get a tractor that has a continual PTO ( I forget what they call that but someone here will know)

    Good luck, Ive been looking at upgrading my 38hp Massey Ferguson 135 for a year now to one with a loader but even at the estate and auctions I been too, they are going more there then what they can be found at your homework and if your not sure about what to look for, Im sure someone close to you on the board knows something about them or grew up with them and can help, I elarned all my stuff from a family friend who farms and repairs tractors for a living, what a blessing that was...