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Discussion in 'Boating' started by ollie, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. ollie

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    How do you all think a Tracker Grizzly 1860L with the plain hull would perform on the Ohio River with a tiller motor? Also, would a 40 horse be enough? If not, how hard would a 60 horse tiller motor be to handle? And, would this set up be safe to anchor below the dams to catfish from? Thanks, Ollie
  2. hookman571

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    Hey Ollie,

    My best friend bought that same exact boat and put an E-Tec 50 with a tiller arm on it.
    With 4 people it does 36 mph. A little to fast for that hull in my opinion.

    I bought the 2072 and put the same exact motor on it. Also with a Tiller Arm. It does an honest 32 with 4 people and between 26 and 28 with 8 people. I put the floor and side boards in. I get 10 miles per gallon. Consistantly. That motor is absolutely incredible. Check out picture.

    A 40 hp would do a great job. I had this same worry when I bought my 2072 and couldn't get anybody to give me any advise including Tracker.

  3. duck_killr

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    I had an 1860 tracker with a 75 etec tiller handle. The tiller handle was not hard to handle at all. Just make sure you get your motor tuned to run straight. My motor pulled hard the first time out. My mechanic tuned it for me and had no problems. I just sold my tracker grizzly this spring and put my E-tec on a Sea Ark. I love my new boat. I sold the tiller handle and got a wheel in this boat.
  4. chambers bd

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    Hi Folks,
    I got a 2006 tracker griz w/ 90 hp merc last year and I really like it.:big_smile:

    The merc runs like a beast and I have seen 46 mph on gps. It could use a little more support on the center consol and in big water {santee cooper} during rough water you will need to take it easy. It pulled the mississippi with ease. The altimaha was right at home also, large bodies of water with rough surface pose its roughest rides. You gotta slower down. I put a sting ray xpII on it and it made a great deal of difference to its speed, handling and seems to do better in fuel mileage. I would like a larger fuel cell but im using a 6 gal and it workes pretty good. Since my wife likes to layout while I fish it seems to be the best package.