TRACKER GRIZZLY 2072 or 1860?

Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by Ranger350V, Sep 3, 2008.

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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm thinking about buying a TRACKER GRIZZLY 2072 or 1860 within the next 6 months. I don't know anything about them except for looking at them at Bass Pro Shops and the price seems good comparing the price to other Jon Boats.I would appeciate any feedback,Both GOOD and BAD!Durability, Handling in ROUGH WATER,Etc!

    Thanks In Advance For The Feedback!

    Happy Catfishing!

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    Jed, welcome to the BOC/SOC :cool2:, best catfishing site on the web!

    Big Sam has had a lot of problems with the welds breaking on his 2072 where the front deck is welded to the sides. We won an 1860 in a bass pro tournament this year and I sold it back to the dealer because of all the weld problems and other issues Sam has had with his. I would look past them and go with a seaark, wareagle or equivalent boat

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    Little Rock, AR
    I don't have any firsthand info about the specific brands, but I do want to comment that regardless of what size boat I've ever bought, after a while I wished I had bought one a little larger.
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    Arnold, MO
    Like most things, there is always a trade off when trying to decide between various objects. Small is easier to transport, load/unload, and get into small shallow areas. Large is more stable, can hold more gear & people, and because it usually needs a larger motor, will go faster. Brand names also have trade offs. What works for some, would not for others. Some folks require heavier gauge hulls, others see no need for the higher price/weight.
    If you fish big rivers or wide open water, you going to need a different boat than someone who fishes small rivers and lakes. We all have our preferences. Some can be valid, based on hands on experience, some can be based on hearsay from others. I think you are quite correct in trying to gather as much info from others who may have had both good and bad experiences. That all said, here is what I have:
    Generation 3 (G3) 1860 center console rated for 50-90 hp
    50 hp, older (1985) Johnson

    Obviously, I like it or I wouldn't have it. However, here are a few disadvantages or things I would change if given the chance. I fish only the Mississippi River here around St Louis. Debris coming downstream can be trees longer than my house and I have seen some 4 ft in diameter. I would like an thicker hull, like the SeaArks have. Center console are great and I will never have another side console. However, I wish I had gotten the wider boat. Walking around the console is so much easier/safer than with my 1860. The 1860 has too small an area for a gas tank, so I am limited to a 12 gallon tank. I put my seats up front, facing back. That is because I always fish anchored out, fishing toward the downstream direction. Being in the front, requires rodholders being placed on the sides of the boat. Most folks prefer to have them in the back of the boat and I see why. However, with that arrangement, I would have to move the console forward as far to the front as possible. (big $$ change to design) As I said, there is always a trade off. The small 50 hp and smaller boat, allow good gas mileage on the water, thus 12 gallons is tolerable. I get about 50-60 miles use. At today's rate, that's around a mile and a half per $1 of cost.
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    Booneville AR

    I bought a 20/72 grizzly custom cat edition 21000 thats a lot of zero's:eek:oooh: with a 115 optimax and all the goodies!!!! The boat structurally sucks:tounge_out: It broke 2 welds 1 month out....repaired it twice broke again...pulled rivets...broke panels......cracked braces.......etc.....The motor is awsome!!!! I like the 40gallon live well......mine is at the factory now since the Tracker dealer called for a replacement boat 3 times and they has been there since august 15th...spent the whole month at the dealers in february ...i will have made a years worth of payments (i dont mind the payments) in november and 3 payments were made with it the shop thats 90 days people....I take care of my stuff ask anyone that knows me....I will never buy another Tracker product ever......there service & dedication to customer satisfaction on a scale of 1 to 10 is 0:eek:oooh: These are questions i would ask any is your service and do you stand by your stuff???
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    I have a 18/60 lowe roughneck and a 90 hp 4stroke suziki. I fish on a med size river and a pretty large lake. I love it i also checked out grizzlys when i bought mine. Heard way to many bad things about them and not much in price difference. The sea arks are a real nice boat but i couldnt see paying a extra 3 grand for the boat. The four stroke gets great gas mileage i mean awesome. I have fished up to three people out of mine with 3 rods a piece comfortably. I also take the kids tubing and skiing. In my opinion its a great boat and motor.:big_smile:


    Alma Kansas
    I have a question then. I myself can't afford to take on a payment but want to upgrade in size. The grizzleys are in the price range that I can afford(hull/controls/trailer only). My question is does anyone sale a 90+in wide modifide V near this price? My boat is a 16ft polarkraft mv 70in wide and i am wanting to go 18 to 20ft.
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    You may find the the packages from other makers are about the same price or so. I know that when I got my Tracker Pro Guide 16 and compared the price to the Crestliner, they had about the same with a little better accessories in the package.
  9. Marcos

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    Look at the Alumicraft allweld tunnel hull. I know a guide who has a 2070 with a 90 hp yamy. I have been looking at the 1860cc tunnel hull with 70hp. the price seems reasonable. Atl east for the type of fishing I do.

    I currently have a 92 lowe 1648sc tunnell hull jon with 25 hp evi. I haven't splurged cause I am in no hurry cuase I can still fish and my current boat has a 6 gallon tank and I can fish all weekend on 6 gallons. The biggest lake I have fished is Choke Canyon. Takes me 15 mnutes to cross the lake though.

  10. chambers bd

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    I have a 1860 CC Multi weld breaks around the console., they re welded it no charge. I got the 90 mercury elpto oil injection w/ ext warranty, the first motor was worthless after a year. complete rebuild the motor does outstanding other than it made for lakes or deeper type bodies of water(long shaft).
    Rivets do pop, but they replace them free of charge.

    It has brought much joy to my family and me.
    Im glad I got it!

    So far no welds that were rewelded have broke!

    It will hold 9 folks, ( you anit fishing with 9 on the boat I guess you could)

    Changed prop to stainless 23 pitch it will go all day at 40 to 44 mph by gps with 4 to 5 adults. Just me it get close to 50 mph.

    Lots of deck room.

    Gas tank area is a little small but I stick five gallons under the console!

    Seaark and others do offer a different point of view, I did run off and leave one at santee cooper!

    It was a 2072 with a 90 mercury!

    Ill keep Mine!

  11. puddle jumper

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    Hey Brian,
    Did the SS prop make a differance on a motor that size, ive got a 50 merc, and was wondering about changing over??

    As far as boat go, ive got a Triton 17.5, and love it if I had to do it again I would get one a little bigger but do I need one bigger not really just more room, I have used this boat prity hard for a good yr now and had no problem out of it... none...I got it as a reposesed boat saved a ton on the purchase, take your time and look for the boat for you there are a lot of good deals out there if you dont have to have a new boat ,,if you want a new one try looking at left over boats from past years that are new , dealers sell them at a lot less money to try to keep newer models on the lots, and they still have all the waranty on them :wink:,most of all have fun,, figure out what you need and what you just want..
    Good luck
  12. Randy

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    My Grizz 1860 is about 8 years old and I have beat the hell out of it! From stumps to mud flats, from Fourchon LA. to the White River in northern Arkansas to my home in East TX. I've only got a 50hp with no tilt and trim when I hit a sand bar wide open I want the motor to rise up as I slide across. I went for the best price because I new I was just gonna beat it up and I've got NO CRACKS and NO LEAKS. When I do destroy it I'm gonna git another one. Git the Floor in it The ribs are hard to walk on and the trailer is rusted to bad to repair. [must be the saltwater] I believe the Grizzly Line is made by Fisher Boats.
  13. chambers bd

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    Hey Puddle,
    That SS prop is very good, I like it. I am very happy with the results verus expectations.
    Hope it helps, I like my Grizzly its a tough ole Bear!