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    Here is a reply to a couple of questions I sent to TPWD.

    If it's anchored on both ends, it's legally a trotline. Hooks have to be
    spaced at least 3 feet apart.

    A free-floating jugline can't have more than 5 hooks. There is no
    spacing requirement for hooks on a jugline.

    A minnow trap, as defined on page 33 of the Outdoor Annual (and the web
    page you looked at, indicated below) may be used to catch any kind of
    NONGAME fish that will fit through the 1x3-inch opening, including

    If you're fishing in PRIVATE WATER (a rancher's stock tank or a private
    lake built and maintained by the landowner), TPWD regulations do not
    apply. If you're fishing on private property, but dropping your
    hooks/traps/nets into a public lake or stream, you must have a fishing
    license and comply with state regulations.

    Dyanne Fry Cortez
    Inland Fisheries
    Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept.
    (512) 389-8055

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    Is there a certain distance that hooks on a free floating and/or
    anchored jugline have to be spaced at? I also read that perch traps are
    legal in saltwater only. What if you catch perch in a minnow sized trap
    (less than 24" long) on private property? Thanks, Randy
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    like TPWD said, the regulations dont apply for private property (stock tanks private ponds... etc) unless your fishing in a river, or creek that goes through private property but still belongs to the state.

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    Kingwood, Tx (Houston)
    You can take them any way you want on private property, even dynamite if you can blast leagally.:lol: :lol: :lol:
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    I passed this message by a game warden friend of mine and he said this.
    in short:

    Even though on private property you can take any number of fish, of any species or size, by any method you can think of, You still can only transport LEGAL size limit fish, and legal possession limits. Don't get fooled, especailly down near the beach and coastal areas alot of regular police are TPW/TFG certified (Surfside, Texas comes to mind), they will fine you, strip your licences and sieze whatever property they can if you violate those laws. You can fight it but proof is on the side of the law these days and your chances of winning (not to mention the hassle and cost) make it just a better choice to still keep only legal fish on private water if you plan on transporting them. With alot of public acess fishing its hard to prove that your fish did in fact come out of a private access water body.