Tournament catfishing without a livewell.

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    What is your boat rated for passengers and pounds?
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    Ive been looking at the mesh decoy bag. Looks like a simple and effective option opposed to filling the boat up with a giant livewell. Dont want to loose any room in the 17½ ft boat im working on. 3-500+ lbs will definitely put the back end way too deep..

    Only issue is making sure its strong enough to hold a big fish. Definantly dont want it to rip and watch the fish swim away!!

    Been looking at a few like these...

    I guess if you support the weight till they are floating it will be fine. Not like you want to pull a big one up by the bag itself, youll grab them in the mouth.

    Ill probably cheap out for the allen bag.

    I think I want to skip the bait livewell all together as well and just use a basket for live bait...

    We have a catfish tournament coming up but its daytime fishing 6am to 3pm.. and all my flathead fishing has been after the start of sunset from 6pm to 1 am... I'm lost during the day!!!

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    I saw a guy on a kayak once had a pvc frame and mesh walls he left floating in the water with red fish in it cause he didnt want them to die while he was fishing itwas tied to the back and floated where he went somthing like that may help you
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    Little late but I used the bigger of the two cabelas decoy bags on 5/14. For a channel cat tournament, kept an 11lb and a 10lb in it most of the day and they were fine when released.

    I just tied it off on the seat support and let them float while we anchored, then pulled them in the boat when we moved spot to spot.

    I run an '86 14ft mod V StarCraft and tiller steer
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    I just wonder if the decoy bags all day hurts the slime coat at all?
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    can't be good on them, nothing more than a soft fish basket being drag around and keeps the fish near the top in the warmer water. the 1 littler tournament i fish in has a standing rule must have some type of live well inside the boat or can't unload the boat. have to protect the fish, can't just be alive at weigh in, has to be able to live after the release. Not like the pic's you see after some of the bass tourny's of big bass dead every where.