Tough Little Boys and Girls......

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    There is one thing that I used to not mind not doing at all if it needed to be done...and there was always a taker it seemed. know. We all say we hate to do it...but yet when one breaks out...we're all eyes.

    It may be true enough that the desire of actually participating has waned considerably with age.

    I know it has for me....if I have to do it now...then there's just no other option...and there will be no rules. (I'm getting too old to play by rules or abide by ettiquette when it comes to this) guessed it....FIGHTING. :crazy:

    How many old brawlers or wildcatters do we have among us??

    You know...the old wild and wooley days...and the times and adventures of a younger version of yourself.

    I was always a quiet and observant kinda guy who stayed at the fringes around people I didn't know.

    I ran with an older crowd when I was in high school and beyond. I was never the bad ass type...I didn't pick fights for no reason...and I sure didn't fight over girls.

    But I sure did have some tough friends....which came in handy when we would run the bars.

    I always played pool...and would usually win enough money on the tables shooting 9 ball to cover our bar tab at least....that was when we went to the bigger bars in the city where no one knew us. (There ain't no better way to get into a fist fight than to play for money at a strange bar)

    Those were some wild times...bits and pieces are all thats left of those memories.

    I have one particular buddy who was a semi pro boxer with alot of potential...he even sparred once with Tommy Morrison who was from nearby Jay, Oklahoma.

    He got knocked down 3 times...but didn't get knocked out.

    Which to me is amazing...this guy is tough as nails.

    I can't imagine anybody beating this guy. Big, strong, tall, quick as a rattler, accurate, superb balance...I would want no part of him. (The sad part'd never expect him to be able to dish out what he is capable of doing. He looks clumsy at first glance for gods sake.)

    A car wreck blew out both of his knees...and ended that.

    One night we were at the local American Legion post after a night of substantial partying and socializing. Lol

    There was a HUGE fight that broke out in the parking lot after closing time.

    I'm standing there leaning against a truck...drinking my beer that I smuggled out side during all the excitment when the fight puked outside from the bar into the parking lot...and watching the show.

    My buddy startles me when he comes out of the darkness...and sidles up to me.

    I say "What are you doin'?? I figured you'd be out there somewhere???"

    He says..."I'm gonna be if I find the cowboy hat in the white shirt who sucker punched me in the back of the head inside the bar when I was trying to break it up".

    We stand there for about 5 or 10 minutes...and this mellee is still going on.

    Then his face lights up as he locks onto a cowboy hat with a white shirt standing on the far side of the parking lot cheering on another fight.

    "There he is"....he snarls..."I recognize the boots and the belt buckle"

    Ruh Roh...Oh my...this isn't good...he doesn't even see him coming.

    He gets up to the cowboy hat...and throws it all into one punch.

    He hits him in the back of the head at full stride...with a sickening loud..."SMACK!!!....his hat flies up into the air...and his face hits the gravel before his boots touch down...carrying him end over end...coming to rest on his back.

    He is out cold for a few minutes. Someone pours beer on his face...and he wakes up.

    "Who the hell hit me???" he his buddies load him into the car.

    Luckily for buddy had melted off into the darkness..and disappeared like a quail into the tall grass....escaping to fight again some other day.

    Was it the same guy who had earlier blindsided him??

    Who knows? But I do know that was a VERY bad time to be wearing a cowboy hat and a white shirt! :wink:

    That was 20 plus years ago...these days something like that will get a guy shot...or sued at the very least.

    Anybody have any stories from the old glory days you'd care to throw onto the table and share?
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    good story thanx for posting

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    Very well written and entertaining story Brian. I seriously sat here reading it and totally visualized that whole parking lot brawl. I myself was never much of a brawler. I can only recall ever being in 3 fights and its been over 15 years since the last one and hope it stays that way! :wink:
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    me an beetle put on some stories about the days swinging for the fences on the Wheres Postbeetle" thread.
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    As a kid when growing up I went to school and was picked on everyday by 5 or 6 boys and was always in a fight getting my butt kicked and the principle never would do aything about it, so my dad put me in martial arts and needlessly to say it wasn't long and the picking quit. I was in martial arts for 13 years and did a lot of competition fighting, I worked my way up to black belt 3rd degree. I haven't been in a fight since then and like to keep it that way. I'll use it if I have to but never provoke a fight.


    There is really more to this story but not proper to talk about it here.
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    Good story man and good post i have many stories like that but i probably shouldnt share them here lol :wink:
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    Lol...exactly the same thing happened to me as a kid.

    In 6 th grade some older in particular... taunted me daily. My grandfather signed me up at the local small town fitness center for Tae Kwon Do classes.

    Six weeks you say...the taunting stopped.

    Our instructor left the area after a year and a half...and then Shito-ryu style Karate came to town to take its place.

    I continued on with the new outfit...which was a major switch in technique, style, and kata...and on top of that...I had to start completely over in the ranking system.

    By my Sophomore year tho...I was able to defend myself admirably. However...our sensei demanded of us that we DID NOT unnecessarily fight.

    And this was one guy who you didn't want on your case. (I cannot stress that last statement enough)

    There were only a couple of incidents at high school early on...and after that I didn't need to fight the rest of the HS experience.

    I ended up dropping out of Shito-ryu after my senior year.

    I got a little wild after high school...but still yet never went looking for a fight that wasn't neccessary.

    Although I was surely still very capable of suprising the crap out of someone who just thought he was tough.

    I ran with some awfully unsavory characters at times...up until I met my wife...married her...and had babies.

    Nothin' puts the brakes on all that stuff quicker than a good woman, and kids who look and act just like you.

    I wish I would have stayed with the arts after school instead of running wild...but it's all water under the bridge now.

    I did take some Aikido classes recently...up until here a few months back when a shift change at work eliminated that. (I really enjoyed learning something new...and Aikido was definately something new)

    I keep telling myself I'll try to find a way back in...I find it peaceful and relaxing now...good exercise as well. (Sometimes too Ain't as young as I once was...and there's some spirited young men and women in that dojo)

    Amazing how a few years can change your outlook on

    A guy tends to lose the tunnel vision...and look instead towards the bigger picture.
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    lol I have a few real good ones but the stat of limitations prevents me from posting them for a few more years hahaha.
    they are better told over a few coldens
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    HEHEHE man I never was much of a fighter,small skrawney 5'1" guy all through High school. But One time there was this fella that allways picked on me ,he was a year younger,and bout 60 lbs heavier ,6inches taller ,ya know reglar big ole bully [wuss in dusguise] anyhow. His mornig job at schol was to make the rounds picking up the lunch count. This particular morning the Sience teacher was running late to class and not there ...yet. Well big boy comes in the door an he's eatin a snikers bar . I say hey gimme a bite ,he says f- you,I say in a rather loud voice WUSS ,he gets in my face an says 'What did you call me . I told him I dont stutter I said your a Wuss. Well Big boy grabs a big handfull of my longish blonde hair an yanks me out of my chair. I'm thinkin oh boy I'm done for. But we wrastle out the door swingin and he's scratchin me like a lynxcat . I get outside an grab a handfull of groin and twist he goes down and some how I'm on top with his face down. in the gravel. I bust him a few then grab his ears and slam his face in the dirt a couple dozen times ,till a couple guys pull me off him. hes bleedin an diggin gravel out of his face an lips ,I'm pullin loose hair off my head .Later the teacher comes in and asks 'Any body see Johnny C? this bud of mine says. Man the wind blew that dang door open an it hit him right in the face,I aint seen nuthin like it. then He looks right at me an asks Rich ,You know anything bout this. I say . Its just like Pete said . I never got in trouble over that one ,But I allways knew that sience teacher Knew exactly what happened an figured i did what I had to do.
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    Lmao...that's a good one Richard. Outstanding!!

    He's scratchin' me like a Lynx cat indeed!!! LOL :smile2:

    I have some rep to give out in this thread...but hells shells!!

    I'll have to do it later...I done gave out too much in the last 24 hr. :roll_eyes:

    Oh man...I'm still laughing over that one.

    Lynx cat....too much man. :tounge_out:
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    I will simply say, I plead the fifth.

    Remember boys, I ain't as good as I once was, but I'm as good once, as I ever was.
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    Never much of a fighter myself. But I NEVER backed down.
    Had a couple of bullies in school that tried very hard to pick fights with me. I knew they would whoop my butt. So when they got in my face I got right back in theirs. Stand eye to eye (or toe to toe, as some were taller than me) and they each walked away as soon as they figured out that I wasn't afraid to stand up to them.

    I was very mouthy though. Had to be, I had very few female friends. I had to be able to keep up with the guys. Had alot of fun pi$$ing off their girlfriends though. They just couldn't understand being FRIENDS with the opposite sex. Jealousy!:confused2:

    I've actually only been in 1 physical altercation. It got broke up before we could do much damage to each other. Luckily she was a miss priss and was too afraid of breaking a nail to actually hit me. Open hand slap.:smile2: I didn't believe in nails, so I had no problem making a fist.:wink: That was the end. The school secretary was watching the whole thing and stopped it. Luckily she didn't tell the school, we were on school property. Called my parents though.
    Dad wanted to know who started it. It was her, so I got off on self defense!:smile2:

    Now my daughter however, She is one that fights back. Usually does something sneaky and makes it look like an accident or like somebody else did it. Don't want to pi$$ that girl off.

    I'm kinda like that too. I can hold a grudge for years and get ya back when you least expect it.:cool2:
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    You were mouthy? Say it ain't so Sheila!! :smile2:

    I have a story about an altercation I got into years back...and my wife was my back up!

    We were playing pool at that very same American Legion post here in my hometown.

    I had held the front table all night long...playing 8 ball for $5 a whatever the winner is drinking.

    There was a large crowd of people there...and everybody was drinking heartily.

    Well...there was this guy who had a strong dislike for a buddy of mine...and he's pumped full of liquid he comes up to me just as I'm getting ready to shoot my shot.

    All loud and ignorant...he demands to know where my friend is.

    Nearly everybody in the immediate area was already watching the pool game...but when he started spouting off...EVERYBODY turned their head and was gawking at his big ugly a$$. (6' 1"...280 lb plus)

    My reply was something along the lines of..."How would I know dipsh!t?? Do I look like his babysitter??"

    He says..."well...after I find him...I'm kickin' your a$$...How do ya like that wussy? (That's close to what he said)

    With that...he reaches out and shoves me.

    Well...what happened next was not a conscious desicion on my part. I just reacted.

    I broke a pool stick across his temple before he even had a chance to carry through with his shove.

    You could have heard a pin drop in the small sized place with over a hundred drunk bodies in it. The band even stopped playing.

    He staggered backwards a couple steps...and went to his knees...bleeding profusely. have all the ingredients here for what could be described as a cage deathmatch. What, when, how, and who did exactly what turned into a blur after about a 3 second pause.

    I was keeping an eye on the guy I just nailed...from behind me...somebody (Evidently a friend of his) threw a punch that I seen just a fraction of a second too late to avoid it completely...I blocked it...and it grazed my left eye right below my temple....and made me drop the other end of the pool cue. (Dammit! I hate it when that happens!)

    Unfazed because it was deflected enough that it didn't connect beyond giving me a half shiner...I kicked him in the groin.

    Just then somebody got me in a chokehold from behind. Somebody big...and very strong.

    I was pretty much just trying to breathe...I stomped his toes 3 times...but the...well...never mind...had on steel toed boots. I was just getting ready to to lift my feet up...stomp down...and try flip him up over my back...but my wife at that point was already enroute from behind the bar where she was helping out...came running up and jumped on this guys back...and sticks her fingernails into his eyes!!

    He loosens his grip from around my neck as a result.

    Ruh Row...bad move.

    I head butted him with the back of my head...and broke his nose....forcing him to let me go completely...and then chopped him in the adams apple with the front of my hand with a quick parting "pop"...thumb tucked in :wink:...sending him to his knees...trying to breathe just like I was when he had me from behind.

    Luckily the 3 didn't bum rush me all at once...they came in waves...and thanks to my backup...LOVE YA honey...I walked out of all that with only half a black eye...and a ripped t-shirt. And oh wife broke a! :roll_eyes: (She carried on about that for a week afterwards)

    We stood back to back as we exited the bar...and drove away.

    The cops came by my house an hour later...took my and my wifes statements...and said you sure don't look like you fought 3 guys. One of em' is up at the hospital right now getting stitches where you broke a pool cue on his head.

    According to the statements we took...and seeing 'yalls you wish to press charges?

    "Nope"...I say as they tip their hat...and say "Be careful Brian"...and leave my yard. I remember standing there thinking...ya...right...this isn't over.

    That was a hostile crowd that night...none of my crew was present...and his WAS.

    It's been 14 years since that night...and nothing ever did come of it.

    Although...there have been a couple of times where I'll be in town...feel an icy chill...and look around...and there he'll be staring at me as we pass on the road.

    Haven't seen any brake lights yet....nor has he done anything when we from time to time encounter him and his family at the local grocery store.

    It'll stay that way if it's up to me.

    If you tell this story around my wife...she will go on non-stop about how she saved my a$$ from getting lynched that night.

    What can I say??? She's right! :wink: