Tough day on the water.

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    When I first started fishing from a boat I had a 12' aluminum semi v. I can't swim and fished the Tenn river. It took some nerve and the life jacket helped, but I wanted a bigger boat. A freind of mine bought a Glastron fish/ski and never could get it running. I bought the boat for $300. I worked on that motor for what seemed like forever. It would fire sometimes and most times not. . After some help we found the problem to be the rotor was stripped out and only turned sometimes. It cost $16. It started and ran fine. I carried the boat to the river and it started right up but no reverse! I was glad I didn't get it off the trailer. It was an evinrude with hydro/elect shift. I finally found a lower unit for the thing and put it on. Carried it back to the river, and still hooked to the trailer, started it put it in reverse, fine. Put it in forward, fine. Pulled it off the trailer and man that thing would run! For about 1/4 mile! It died and wouldn't hit a lick. Did I mention that I was in a river with current and can't swim? Oh and it was the middle of November and the water temp was 54. No cell phone then and I was the only person on the water. The boat finally drifted to the bank close enough for me to get out. I tied the boat to a tree root and left walking. The water was about 4 ft deep and cold.
    I, at this time, was still calm. I decided that I would just go home and get the little boat to tow the big one back to the ramp. I walked the bank back to the truck where I unhooked the big trailer. Drove home, changed clothes, and hooked to the little boat. And off I go.
    I get back to the ramp and back in the little boat. I motored down the river until I was in reach of the bigger boat. I then tied the rope and began towing the other boat back. Well, I tried but the old evinrude had washed into the bank and the motor was stuck in the muddy river bottom. The little 10hp merc on the little boat wouldn't free it. So back in the water I went. I freed the boat and jumped into it then crawled into the little boat from there and was finally on my way.
    After getting back to the ramp I noticed that the samll trailer was still hooke to the truck. Out in the water I went again! Still not too upset, I switched trailers and FINALLY got the big boat loaded. As I pulled the big boat out the trailer tire blew out! I was a little upset by then. If anyone had of been around they could of heard me cussing 1/2 mile away:angry:.
    I unhooked the big boat at the parking lot and loaded up the little boat. The big boat sat there for 3 days. I went and changed the tire and sold the boat the next day. I fished from the little boat for another year before getting another boat.
    I suppose the moral of the story is somethings juast aren't meant to be.:smile2:
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    That's rough! I did a similar thing (although didn't suffer nearly as much as you). I had an old 15 1/2' Elgin fiberglass with a 35 merc on it. I fished in it one summer, and then spent the winter working on it. It was cramped with 2 people because it was the old closed bow style (1963 model year). My uncle called from IL and said he had a line on a 20' jon with a 75 Evinrude on it. I went over and got the boat for a song.

    I had it for about a month and it ran fine. I scheduled a week's vacation to fish around labor day last year. The weekend before my vacation about 3AM I'm out fishing and decide to head in. I get out in the channel on the MO river and all of a sudden I have no forward. No problem. I put it in reverse. Ok, now its a problem cause I got no reverse. I'm drifting the 6 miles back to the ramp and a storm blows up. Now I'm in the middle of the river at 3 AM with no gears, in a big chunk of aluminum, with lightning and pouring rain. I finally get to the ramp and the wind is so strong I can't get to the ramp side of the river. I finally put the boat on the bank on the opposite side of the ramp and walk down the slick rip-rap bank in flip-flops about 2 miles to the bridge. I call my wife to come and get me. She picks me up and I go home, sleep 2 hours, and get the little boat. She, my 5 year old, and me go to the ramp, put the little boat in, and go get the big boat. 20 minutes of bilging it out (did I mention there was a storm the night before?) and we're ready to go. The little boat just barely pulls itself and the big boat upstream to the ramp and we get them both on trailers and home. Long story short, a boat repair place tried to hose me on the repair, so I spent my week's vacation sulking in the living room, staring at my new boat, too PO'd to even take the little boat out. I did wind up fixing it myself, but man it killed me to stare at that "dead" boat in the driveway over that vacation! Good Luck!


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    You have no business being on the water expecially by yourself not being able to swim !!!!!!!! Not only do you put your life i danger but others trying to save or rescue you not to mention if you have family who depend on you .Suck it up and get lessons or learn to swim if not for you for your family or the rescuer who tries to save you and gets pulled under by a panic stricken victim