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totaly weird

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my uncle was using some type of chocolate catfish dip bait he woulndt tell me how he made it but im workin on him tho cause he was catching the fool out of catfish
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If your fish like chocolate then you might want to try Little Debbie's start crunch just use it like a dough bait.
A bit different. But you just never know what they will bite. Since everyone has a sure fire bait.
Never heard of anyone using chochlate for cats, but hey theres a first for everything. Brian and I thought that a bait that we bought at wal*mart a while back smelt like chochlate. Wierd, I know.
this may be off the wall but try putting chocolate kiss skipjack garlic and hot sauce in a blender and chop it up but make sure it is still pretty thick then dump this mix in to panty hose about the size of a golf ball then before you tie the panty hose put your favorite style hook in the center the mix then place it in the freezer until your ready to catch the whisker's

so when u get to ur fishing hole all you have to do is tie the hook to the line the hold on

god bless
I would be eating all of my bait before I could fish with it lol. Wouldn't be much fun trying to get that hook out of my lip either!
ha ha i got his dip bait lol he told me how

here is wat u need
chocolate syrp
smashed fine liver or ground
4 table spoons of salt

mix it all together in a bowl and then heat it up on the stove till it looks like pudding then put it in a jar then u could use it on yer looper rigs or however else u use dip bait hope this helps u guys
Anise Oil you can find in most grocery stores as well as Anise Extract. Either one works, though I think the extract is better for dip and dough baits since it wont seperate if it gets too warm.

Ya gotta look in either the baking isle, or the isle with all the spices.
Can you give us quatities? How much flour syrup ect.

This sounds like an easy one to mix up
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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