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  1. orion_xxvx

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    North Central Missouri
    Anyone here had a close call with a tornado? When I lived in Baxter Springs Kansas the take cover sirens blew. The tornado touched down five miles outside of town.
  2. Dano

    Dano New Member

    Been through them while camping, at home and on the road. Came very close several times to a direct hit, in my eye sight, close enough to tuck and roll, hope for the best.
    so far been lucky. Very scary stuff.
    I've also been in the middle of several hurricanes.
    seen a lot of damage from both

  3. 223reload

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    Rob,We had one come through the little town I live in March 23 last year. Some are still rebuilding from it ,including me. Never scared me when it happened. My survival instinct went into over drive ,drove through it to get home to my family,by the time I got home it was over ,never want to experience another one tho.
  4. catfisherman_eky3

    catfisherman_eky3 New Member

    When I was younger as a kid I was on the porch playing and one came by and I had to grab ahold of the rails and mom had to hold on to the door and pull me inside, it was a very close call.
  5. Kat-tamer

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    We were on a float trip one time and one came through the camp ground where we were staying. We were on the water at the time the storm blew up. No place on that part of the river to get out, and the wind was so bad we couldn't move anywhere anyway. Only lasted a few minutes. We were about a mile from the campsite.

    When we got back there was cars flipped over, trees down, tents and camping gear everywhere......but our campsite was just as we left it. Didn't even turn over our lawn chairs!:confused2:
    Guess it was our lucky day.
  6. big-muddy

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    norfolk, va
    been through a bunch. 1st was '02 in champaign, il where they have a few every year. next was in peoria, il at a concert campout. we hid in a small bar made of cinder blocks. next was at work in Mt. Vernon. it ripped the bench outside straight out of its bolts which were in concrete. Last one was not seen but heard. It was just a couple months ago on highway 64 near centralia, il. my car moved about 10 feet and i was under an over pass.
  7. AwShucks

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    Guthrie, Oklaho
    Hate to say it, but seems like most people around here have grown complacent about the sirens. My first instinct is not to get into the hidey hole, but to turn on the T.V. to see whats going on. Our little community is prone to flooding, and it is the same siren for floods as it is tornado. Don't want to be in a cellar if it's gonna flood, that's bad for the health also. Have seen tornado's through Oklahoma and two in Texas. Interesting things to watch if your off to the side. You don't get to see much when they are coming straight at you. It gets real dark when you pull your had down to your a__ and kiss it goodbye. LOL
  8. Junior42

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    Catlettsburg, KY
    Well that's not good.
  9. FS Driver

    FS Driver New Member

    4 years ago i was in my little garage tinkering around and i knew a storm was brewing but didnt know how bad . kids and wife were in the house and
    my son came out and said we were under a tornado warning or alert forget
    which now , anyways i said i'll be in shortly i was putting things away and getting ready to come in anyways .
    i told him to get the toy boxes out of his brothers closet.
    we go under the house in severe weather .
    well he just got inside maybe 2 or 3 minutes when the garage door felt like it
    was being shook by a hurricane . the hair on my neck stood up:crazy:

    i thought if i opened it up it would probably do more damage than just keeping it closed besides the rain and or hail was blasting against it too.
    all of a sudden it got quiet.
    i opened it up turned out the light and shut it down and locked it quickly and ran inside. the family was in the crawlspace and i ran in the bedroom to join them when the sirens went off .
    it stayed calm after that and i thought something was wrong and went back up after about 10 minutes to hear the tv .
    come to find out the tornado went over our house and dropped down 2 blocks over takeing the john deere dealerships roof off and going back up and dropping again on an apartment complex ripping several roofs off there 2 miles away . we were very lucky . right in the path but it happened to be coming down a bit further behind us . the sirens were 15 minutes late:crazy:.
    whoever was in charge of that dropped the ball .
  10. SweetSymphony672

    SweetSymphony672 New Member

    Yeah we get a few in England, only minor ones though, probably about F-2 and F-3.

    Back in 2005, a tornado swept through Birmingham, (where I live) and it was probably about 3 miles away from me,
    about 17 people were injured if I remember correctly, luckily, no-body was killed.

    The thing that annoyed me was, was that was the chance I had of getting my dream ful-filled!!!:angry:
  11. AwShucks

    AwShucks New Member

    Guthrie, Oklaho
    You can ask Countryboy and his wife Angelkitty, or Jamie from California what one sounds like. LOL
  12. janzaldo

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    South Gate, Cal
    Last year at the Keystone gathering I could of sworn a tornado was going to touch down! :crazy: It sure raddled my nerves. The wind was blowing so hard, I thought the tent was going to ripp any moment. I was not able to sleep a wink; but then again I did watch Twister before the Gathering!
    I never experienced anything like that early morning. Now, the lighting storm on friday night is a whole diffrent story!