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Discussion in 'LOCAL OHIO TALK' started by Howie Ketchdem, Oct 5, 2007.

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    went out last night to a spot in s/e michigan and did pretty well had caught a pike on cut bait was 33" and fought like it was dead, it was kind of crazy. he kept hitting my bait and dropping it for like 5 minutes, finally he picked it up and swam away slower than ive ever seen i fed him line off my reel for a good minute but he had only taken about 4 feet of line finally i cranked down on him and it felt like a log. pulled it right to shore and sure enought it was a pike didnt get to pick em up he started flopping when he hit the bank and came off but i was amazed a pike on cut gills bottom fishing. also caught 8 channels one 3lb and 7 that were carbon copied 7lbers was a fun night was out by myself from 10 till 1:30 this morning, i was fishing a slack water creek that runs into the river about 2 miles down it was pretty hot action i think they must use this spot as a wintering hole all though its only about 8 feet deep theres a bridge there and some fallen timber gills are some what plentiful does anybody have any thoughts on whether this could be a primary wintering hole...Thanks bros
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    sounds like a good night was that one of the spots we went up to?

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    Sounds like you had a good night. did you catch all them channels on cut bluegill heads.