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Tops 1987 70 horse Johnson!

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Well Mac and I, mostly mac, got my 70 horse power section off my boat. Mac took it home with him to break it down. he has more tools than I. It looks as if i will need a new piston and a new head. the head maybe salvageable but if i can find a used one cheap I will try to buy. I will also need a standard size piston. All help with these parts will be greatly appreciated. I am hurt and can not work now and money is tight but I will try to buy the parts if anyone has some or know where to find Thanks for all the help that I have received thus far!! :crying:
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Mac got the motor broken down, All looks good on the inside. He cleaned up the head and he thinks we may be able to use the old head. The mating surface was not harmed. Should still hold compression. I bought a piston, Things are coming together. :D
I think all my parts are in now. I would like to thank mike at Logan county marine for all his help. I hope the Mods do not delete this post. I am not advertizing just thanking a kind harted man. I am still waiting for a maintenance manual, should be here soon. the cylinders still need to be honed but hope to do that next week. will update you all as work is completed. :D
If the manual doesn't tell you, I'll say it here. Keep all your parts in a clean condition and where you assemble, in the condition of an operating room.

Allow no dust, dirt, or debri of any kind to infect the internal parts, prior to assembly.

Good luck.
Thanks for the advice Bob Paul, Mac will be completing the assembly of the motor. :D
Just picked my cylinder block from the boat shop. All the cylinders were honed and came out ok. the scratches were all taken out. Mac is now ready to put the motor back together. I must get the block back to him but gas money is tight now. This is a one hour drive for those who does not know. :sad:
Keep that block well oiled until you can get it to him.
BoBPaul is right Top, remember what I said, keep it clean and wrapped up until I get it. I will clean it again anyways but the cleaner kept the easier the job. I cant help ya on transport right now, things are tight here too after the Memphis trip. And we are taking care of my grandmother in the nursing home, everyday Noon Visit to make sure she eats so all our money is in Gasoline now. It wont take me long to put it all back together.
Way to go Jim! Verlon will be back on the water in no time! You are a blessing! Maybe the skips will be back at the outlet this fall. :cool:
Mac will be stopping by my house to get my block today 15 Oct 05. Hope to have my boat running in a few days. :D :D
No pressure there Huh fellas :p Yup, got tops Motor back to the house today and mounted on the engine stand, will clean parts tommorow, and start reassembly when done with that. Wont be long top, and just in time too for some fishin. :D Glad to here ya got yourself another place to live there Joe, Kinda daydreamin myself of movin. Someday maybe. Closer to the river.
Hey Buddy,
You should've called me today when you were in town, This place is like the Taj Mahal compared to what I was in, Renee said she was embarassed about her house the last time you came in though she would be proud to entertain you and Jennie in this one. Don't waste your next trip, come on over and take yer shoes off fer a spell (yes you can bring Patches if you promise he'll/she'll not eat Elizabeth) 'course iffun Jennie bites you'll have to leave her behind too! Just Kidding! LOL See ya's Soon?
Hey Joe, Jenn and I will come by when I get this motor rebuilt Say "a Weekish" :D Sometimes my week is 7 days and sometimes its 9 Depends on how many days I forget done come and gone. Alziemers Early stages????? Heck if I know, guess I will know when i forget my name. ;)
Jenn and I took a drive That day looking at houses, around the river area, Plenty for sale, but neighbors to close, and no room for Jenns Critters, She says we can move as long as I get her enough ground for her critters. So I am looking on the outskirts for some land, No less than 4 no more than 10, and not in a suburb. I cant wait till I tell Dad Im sellin out and movin :eek:
S***s gonna hit the fan, Oh well, it will just give him another reason to move to florida :D .
The outlet is looking real good, Didnt see any moss and saw one boat out there fishing. I think its bout time to catch some bait.

Mac :cool:
Gimme a hollar on the phone and we'll put on a feed when you get here. There's lots of property in the London area and the Pope /Johnson county areas are (just west of London) pretty rural yet, just your cup 'O tea. I agree it's gettin' real close to the time to "git" some Skippies!
Just an update for ya Top, I dropped the block and it cracked, Then I got mad and throwed the pistons against the walls and broke them. But Good news is, I have everything back together using JB Weld. Awesome stuff. ;)
Your heart stop yet???
Honestly, Its mostly back together now, no problems at all other than an hour trying to get the Crank to seat, Lining up those holes are a pain in the butt. All thats left are a few odds and ends and its done. Everything rotates like it should. Not long Verlon. I figure I can bring it early one morning and help you get everything back on it and maybe delivered to the boat shop same day. Then That afternoon I can go visit with Joe a bit. Later Mac
Mac glad to see the motor coming together. I hope it goes on the boat as easy.
Mac and I worked on the motor all day long. when you have to people that are disable you have a slow go. The motor is almost ready. I have a couple of wires to put together. then off to my pal boat shop to get the timing set and checked. I hope it runs ok, then members we will back on the water. Mac has a brilliant mine for mechanics, He had to figure out how to put some of the parts back on that I took off :eek: I would still be out there trying to figure out how to put the shifter cable on :eek: He took one glance, said it goes like this :eek: All and all it is almost ready :D
The motor is back together and the boat is at the shop getting the timing set.I hope to get it back home tomorrow. :D
Top, remember it's going to be a new engine and will require at least a 10 hour breakin period with 25:1 mix gas.

No wide open throttle for the first several hours, no constant sustained rpm's over 3500. Run on plane and vary the rpm's during break in.

A proper break in is the longevity of a 2 stroke
Thanks BobPaul, we needed to know the break in proceedure, last thing we want to do is screw it up :cursing:
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