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Just wandering if anyone has a Garmin GPS unit that's loaded with the Kerr Lake TOPO information (or any other lake for that matter). As best I can tell the info would be on a card (SD card or something of that nature) which they call "US Recreational Lakes with Fishing Hotspots". If so, my question is, is the topo info really good or is it sorta vague? We have a Garmin 172 console mounted gps unit and the card I'm describing costs about $120.00. We also have a Lowrance sonar unit that can double as a GPS. I know that the Lowrance software provides good bottom detail, but we'd have to purchase an antenna and the SD card in order to make "it" work. That's seems like it's going to cost about $350.00-$400.00. If I could determine that the Garmin bottom detail is good, well, I could get "out the door" for about $250.00 less. Any info would be much appreciated.

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Bro., there is a card that works on all units, it can cost from $100 to $180. Almost all of them have topo. maps, some showing contours as low as one foot, some five feet and most are at ten feet. It is great for deep points, drop offs, holes, etc. The new ones even show where docks are located at on certian lakes.

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i have a lowrance unit..and purchased the fishing hot spots pro..(east)...

it has all of kerr lake...and has great detail....there is a setting on the unit where you can add as much of the surrounding land features as you want...

it shows in 10' contour levels....shows river and creek channels...shows building structure that was there prior to also shows boat ramps and marinas in case you need supplies....

another added feature is it tells you what species of fish should be in the lake you are fishing and what and where should be the best tactics to use to catch them....

And i think they make the plug in play cards for your garmin...

my card cost 100.00 but it is worth it.....

It was especially handy for me cause i have never fished that lake...and i would still be out there trying to find my way back to the boat ramp without that card...

hope this helps!!!

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I heard if you get the hot maps it wont show all lakes, I read it on here have any of you heard that?
yeah it wont have all the NC lakes but it has most...i think it does not have badin, tillery or falls...but I think it has almost all the other major lakes

B. Everett Jordon Lake
Falls Lake
High Rock Lake
Lake Norman
Lake Jocassee
Kerr Reservoir
Lake Gaston Apalachia Lake(Cherokee, Polk)
Belews Lake(Stokes, Rockingham, Forsyth, Guilford)
Brier Creek Reservoir(Wake)
Fontana Lake(Swain, Graham)
Hiwassee Lake(Cherokee)
Hyco Reservoir(Caswell, Person)
Kings Mountain Reservoir(Cleveland)
Lake Crabtree(Wake)
Lake James(Burke, McDowell)
Lake Mackintosh(Guilford, Alamance)
Lake Reese(Randolph)
Lake Reidsville(Rockingham)
Lake Surf(Harnett, Moore)
Lake Townsend(Guilford)
Mayo Reservoir(Person)
Phelps Lake(Washington, Tyrrell)
Roanoke Rapids Reservoir(Northampton, Halifax)
Shearon Harris Reservoir(Wake, Chatham, Harnett)

bear in mind thats just NC...go to the lowrance web site...this plug and play card covers lakes up and down the eastern sea board
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