Top Ten Death Cheats

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    Hi all:

    As the title of this post suggests, for the "List Universe's" Top 10 people who cheated death, please click here.

    Have a good one.
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    Interesting stuff, I'd heard about phineas gage before, but not the rest.

  3. catfisherman_eky3

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    Interesting stuff thank you for sharing this im going to share one of my experiences if thats alright, last year my doctor was out of town and i got sick, and they put me in the hospital I was in there for about a week and my healt wasnt getting any better but instead it kept getting worse well I had a doctor that kept coming in and listening to my heart and saying my heart was fine and walk out on a tuesday night I got bad off and they called my family and friends in the room to wish me good bye, the next day the doctor came back early, because something came up and he came into my room and listened to me and sent me to surgery they drained almost a 1000 cc's of fluid away from my heart, they told me if they would have left it on there one more day that I would have been dead I thank God that he blest me to make it through it and I felt very lucky that I cheated death.
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    that was pretty wild stuff,thanx..

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    ya i believe them. i heard the ranger lightning story before on a discovery or weather show. 7 times. thats wild. some freaky stuff. worst ive had yet was two times i cheated death. stood up ankle deep in a farm creek when i was a little boy. and back of neck hit an electric fence. supposed that could do it.???

    and i was running 75 on time in a ford ranger. a missing 90 degree turn sign after a small hill sent me through a row of shrubs and front fender glanced off a big apple tree sending me to the right hitting the front pontoon of a 92 20' suntracker spinning it almost 360 degrees around and then hitting the limbs of a big evergreen tree.

    pontoon was totaled. truck was totaled. foot to the felt head on tree. no seatbelt. could have killed me. foot to right ment no bounce off tree and would have squared the toon probably taking my dome off.

    i concider myself lucky. got out called parents for a ride after i passed the dui tests.

    ins dropped me after that. $21 grand damage.:wink: no injuries. one bruise on leg.