Top Five Reasons I love Catfishing

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by BigCatDreaming, Jun 9, 2006.

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    Heres something I thought might be entertaining. Lets hear your top five reasons that keep you out on a boat or on shore for long nights rather than at home watching some other guys do it on the Outdoor Channel.

    1. The Fight-Bass fans...hook into a 5 pound bass...then try hooking into a 5 pound cat, which is better?
    2. The waiting- Be calm...they will come
    3. The Suspense- When i hear my bells ring my heart is pounding
    4. The torn up knuckles- I always go home with my hands cut up
    5. The memories- You WILL NEVER forget that big one and how he felt
  2. MarineCorpsDaddy

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    Big "Amen" to that! I tell you what, there's no place I'd rather be! Wait till you start nameing your Cats

  3. MarineCorpsDaddy

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    I'm actually in China right now, and there aint a catfish to be found. Just a bunch of grass carp and someone elses underwear!
  4. crusinman2002

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    Mukwonago, Wisconsin
    this is going to be a repeating thread... but its all good...

    1. the fight, no other fish fights like a cat

    2. the waiting, just set your bait on the bottom... tighten the line... throw on the bells... and just hang out, have a few, bs with your buddy.

    3. the strikes, when a cat grabs and runs, bells ringin, drag spinnin, pole bent over, everyone in the area panfishin looking in amazment... just gotta love it.

    4. the memories, catchin the big one, the faces on people when you pull out a good sized cat, especially kids... seein the smile on their faces at the peir is awesome... and they are complete strangers... lol... and it leaves a lasting impression on my life, knowing that i shared the experiance with someone that i don't know, and left a lasting impression on their life as well.

    5. the battle wounds... lol... i've had poles break (little med. action 6 footers) and fiberglass fly into my face and my hands... there have been times fixing a reel that rat-nested up and get a bite-n-run and line cutting my fingers and hands... that hurts... fingers tore up from handling cats, yeah i know not to stick my fingers in their mouths, but thats how i get the hook out... lol... i've also had a hook go through my finger trying to get a cat off of it... he closed his mouth and started rolling and dropped out of my hand, but at the same time hooked me really good too... i just cut the barb and point off and backed the hook out of my finger and out of his mouth... hurt and bled alot... that is why i have a small first aid kit with me when i go out.

    so needless to say... i love catfishin:big_smile:
  5. AllenM

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    I have to say bass, because I catch a lot of one pound bass that put up a much better fight than my average 5-7 pound channel cat out here. The only cat that I can say REALLY put up a fight was my PB, a 14 pounder. I'm dying to hook into a 5 pound bass again though... It's been so long since I caught one that size I barely recall how it felt!

    I am ok with the waiting if I have company and a clear sky to look at the stars in, but alone on a cloudy night I get real bored if they are not hitting at least every 15-20 minutes.

    I don't like bells. I tend to keep my hand on my rod to feel the hits in order to guage how big of a cat is out there at the end of my line. As long as I'm getting hits fairly often, or even taps, I like the suspense of "Ok, now when is this pole gonna get yanked on good and hard, or just slowly start to pull away with some good preasure?"

    I try to avoid this myself. Not really a "pain fan". I've not been cut up by a cat much cause I'm careful.

    True to this. I will always remember that 14 pounder and how he ran with the hook for so long up the right bank, then back out, then up the left bank, then that massive splash in the darkness out of sight to my left before going out one more time and then fighting me all the way back in to the shoreline right in front of me, and how I felt when I got my first look at him!
  6. Skrod

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    Virginia Beach, VA
    A little of all the above (not too into the pain, but "war wounds" make solid conversation sometimes, lol). I try to be careful with the cats now and use towels alot to handle them -- that's reduced the "OW!! F@#$%ing fish!" factor and blood loss tremendously!

    In terms of what I go catting for ... hmm ... lemme think ...

    (1) Doesn't have ANYTHING to do with work or what I do there.

    (2) Catfishing is sort-of meditative and purposeful at the same time in a way that just sorta suits me. I ain't thrilled about waiting an hour for a bite, but when a 10-pounder comes out of nowhere and hits the bait like a Greyhound bus and all heck busts loose after an hour of total silence and solitude, there just isn't anything like it.

    (3) Don't need no stinkin' boat, don't need no stinkin' lures, don't need to be casting all over the place over and over again. I can just whang it on out there and wait a spell in perfect knowledge that something will come by and grab it sooner or later. Can enjoy conversation, lore, and learning new techniques while waiting for the rod to bend and the drag to hum. Sturdy, simple, easy to maintain gear and simple rigging (generally-speaking).

    (4) Just about everybody I meet while catfishing is really cool in one way or another -- either they've got great knowledge they're more than happy to share, or they're just good company. Haven't really met hardly any a-holes while catfishing at night -- "night people" just seem to be a breed apart, and catfishermen (and women) are different breed of them, too.

    (5) Big fish! -- Like playing the lottery, you can't win if you don't play, and the more times you play the greater chances you'll hook into and land one of the largest freshwater fishes in the world. Just gotta love that...

    How's that?

    Kevin (Skrod)
  7. pursuit

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    How about when a large cat does a death roll and your heart skip a beat? I fish bass a lot too and the flying leap out of the water does not scare or excite me as a cat doing it's last death roll before getting netted.