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    Ok from my earlier thread of transom damage which some had read I now need some advice on the best way to get to the transom. I've included a couple of pics. My earlier understanding was to drill out the rivets around the top cap and it would come off. See pic. However the top cap is glassed in also. A repair shop said some places just remove the cap in front of the transom to get to the the wood. Was thinking that may be the better route to go. If I cut in front of the cleat in the pic thinking that would work. I know some people recommended to just get another hull but don't want to take the chance yet of inheriting another problem and being right back where I am. Any suggestions on getting to the wood in the transom??

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    I think if you post this on the Bubba's Outboards section of this site, you will get some help. Some real good advice there.