Top 10 reasons Why fishing is better than a computer game

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    1 A fish will never adversely affect your vision, no matter how long you stare at it. Most fish are actually quite easy on the eyes.

    2 Long hours of fishing often give one the sense of accomplishment, while even the best computer game will usually provide only frustration.

    3 A live fish will never freeze-up on you, even during the cold winter months. Computer games and PCs, on the other hand, will freeze in a moment's notice.

    4 Fishing is exciting! After playing a computer game for a while you come to know what to expect; when fishing, you just never know what you'll catch.

    5 Fishing is more challenging. Even the most difficult computer game can eventually be mastered, while no fish species can ever be completely mastered.

    6 A bad day of fishing with friends and family is still more relaxing and healthy than a good day staring at a computer monitor.

    7 No matter the batter or recipe you choose, a computer game will never taste as good as a fish when you fry it.

    8 Each time you purchase a fishing licence or cast a line, you contribute to fisheries conservation. The only one who really benefits from the sale of a computer game is the software company.

    9 Although computer games and catching fish both provide an adrenaline rush, landing a big fish is still more of a rush than reaching level 5 on a computer game.

    1O Our country has one full week every summer dedicated to the benefits of sport fishing. When and where do computer games ever celebrate national pride?

    taken from tornnto news