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I read an article in Field and Stream magazine years ago that stated toothpaste works as a reel cleaner.

Take of the side plate of your reel. Squirt a little toothpaste onto the gears of the reel. REM. Toothpaste must have a grit texture, like COLGATE, CREST or others. No need to use to much, just a little. Now re-attach the sideplate. Turn the handle on the reel for 1 minute or so. You'll notice the reel is harder to turn, but that's ok. Disassemble the side-plate again. Rinse with clean fresh water and let air dry. Lubricate using the grease of your choice. The toothpaste helps loosen the old grease and polishes the gears. Reassemble the sideplate and there you go. Your reel should crank silky smooth.

I've tried it on some of my reels and have to say it works great. Give it a try next time your do the lubrication on your reel(s).:0a26::big_smile:

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